Autopsy of a Deceased Church

A complete package of resources to help you determine the health of your church

Dead and dying churches share very common traits. If your church shares these traits, you’ll want to know. The good news is it’s not too late. Learn the symptoms now to grow in health. The Autopsy of a Deceased Church kit includes:

  • 12 teaching videos
  • Workbook for all participants
  • Secret guest survey


Autopsy of a Deceased Church

A complete package of resources to help you determine the health of your church

If your church was sick, wouldn’t you want to know?

Your church doesn’t have to be “circling the drain” to share common symptoms with recently deceased churches. Even if your church is at the pinnacle of health, it’s wise to get routine check-ups. Discover what we’ve found to be the most common symptoms of a recently deceased church.

Does your church......

  • Get annual check-ups from an outsider?
  • Have a large gap in worship and small group attendance?
  • Operate on a zero-based budget?
  • Miss “the old days”?
  • Evangelize regularly?
  • Struggle to move attendees to members?

It’s time for a check-up.

  • Before the pandemic, over 8000 churches a year were closing their doors. That rate has grown by over 25% since the pandemic hit. That’s 10,000 churches a year closing their doors – most of them for the same reasons. 

  • If you could avoid that, wouldn’t you? You can spot sparks before they become wildfires and address symptoms before they become fully developed diseases. 

  • You may be able to identify some symptoms intuitively, but we’ll give you the numbers to back it up and solutions to address the issues. Spend this year leading your church into greater health and longevity.

Don’t do it alone!

The Autopsy of a Deceased Church: Help My Church Not to Die course provides everything you need to walk with a group of church leaders through identifying symptoms and addressing them for the sake of health and longevity!

Get Everything You Need for Your Class

12 video teaching sessions

Companion workbook for all participants

Complete and comprehensive secret guest survey

Course Sample & Outline

  • Autopsy of a Deceased Church: Help My Church Not to Die
    • Course 1: From Slow Erosion to Hurricanes
      12 min
    • Course 2: The Past Is Hero
      12 min
    • Course 3: The Church Refused to Look Like the Community
      12 min
    • Course 4: Show Me the Budget
      11 min
    • Course 5: The Great Commission Becomes the Great Omission
      12 min
    • Course 6: The Preference Driven Church
      13 min
    • Course 7: Seeing the Pastor in the Wrong Light
      12 min
    • Course 8: The Church Rarely Prayed Together
      12 min
    • Course 9: A Church without Purpose
      13 min
    • Course 10: Facility Extremes
      12 min
    • Course 11: Post-COVID Realities
      12 min
    • Course 12: Where Do We Go from Here?
      12 min
Leader Training Videos
Workbook for all participants
Secret Guest Survey download

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Whether your church wants to remain alive and vibrant or is already in need of a resurrection, this resource will help. Autopsy of a Deceased Church examines the causes of church death through detailed case studies of various churches and offers guidance and ways out.

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Book Cover

After going through Autopsy of a Deceased Church in a small group study, I genuinely believe our church is turning the corner on church change.

Michael Bankhead
Lay person, deacon

Don’t let the symptoms of a deceased church creep up on you! Get the Autopsy of a Deceased Church: Help My Church Not to Die resource now and lead your church into health and longevity.

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Your Course Teacher

Thom Rainer 

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

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