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Church Vision Checklist

Steps that will motivate and inspire healthy growth

A church’s vision statement is our best human understanding of God’s best future for her. It’s a way of setting up a picture to get your people incredibly excited and motivated. Learn the key elements of a vision statement that are gospel focused and provide clarity into what God has called you to do.


Church Vision Checklist

Steps that will motivate and inspire healthy growth

Develop a clear and concise vision statement.

This video course provides simple and immediate steps you can take to create and implement an effective vision statement for your church. Learn how to communicate the statement to your members and connect it to your discipleship process.

What you can expect to learn.

  • What is a vision statement and why it is so important?
  • How to determine the type of vision statement your church needs.
  • The importance of prayer when developing a vision statement.
  • Working with other leaders to develop a vision statement.
  • How to create a rough draft of your vision statement.
  • How to get your church to affirm a new vision statement.
  • How to embed a new vision statement into your church culture.
Thom Rainer Headshot

Renowned church strategist Thom Rainer walks you through every step.

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

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Church Vision Checklist Course Content

Providing gospel clarity for your congregation.

Clarity between God and man comes through prayer, and that is the starting point of Church Vision Checklist. Ultimately, a vision statement is a human understanding of God’s desired future. Participants completing this video course will complete a vision statement for their church and learn how to embed the new statement into their church culture.

  • Introduction to Vision Statements
    • The Vision Statement
      9 min
    • Understanding the “Why” Behind the Vision Statement
      10 min
    • Determine the Type of Vision Statement for Your Church
      10 min
  • Discerning the Vision Statement
    • Pray on Your Own for a Week
      10 min
    • Meet with Key Influencers and Ask Them to Pray for Two Weeks
      10 min
  • The Vision Statement Process
    • Understanding the Keys to a Process Vision Statement
      10 min
    • Ask the “MVI” Question
      10 min
    • Doing a Vision Statement Rough Draft
      10 min
    • Simplifying the MVI into a Vision Statement
      10 min
  • Implementing the Vision Statement
    • Moving Your Church to Affirm the Vision Statement
      10 min
    • Embedding the Vision Statement into the Culture of the Church
      11 min
    • Conclusion
      7 min

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