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Outreach Bundle Impact Upgrade

Increasing your church's effectiveness in the community.

You already have lifetime access to Invite Your One. By upgrading to the Outreach Bundle you can help your church reach even more people effectively. Put together and implemented well— this bundled resource can create radical transformation in your church that you may have never expected to see. Resources include:

  • Pray & Go
  • Reaching Millennials
  • 16 Quick Adjustments

Original price was: $747.Current price is: $199.

Outreach Bundle Impact Upgrade

Increasing your church's effectiveness in the community.

Original price was: $747.Current price is: $199.

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Included in this bundle

16 Quick Adjustments

A resource that will help your church reach more people and help you see more guests connect with the church even before they step into the building.

Original price was: $747.Current price is: $199.

Have you unlocked the power of prayer in your community?

Our communities need prayer like never before. When you upgrade to the Outreach Bundle we are including our most popular resource – Pray & Go.

Recently upgraded, the Pray & Go outreach program was designed by church leaders to provide opportunities for everyone in your congregation to participate and experience the power of prayer in your community.

What adjustments can you make to keep guests?

Often the solution for reaching more people comes from making simple, basic adjustments to a few things: guest cards, church websites, where to position greeters, and other small tweaks.

When you upgrade to the bundle it includes 16 Quick Adjustments to help your church make needed changes.

16 quick adjustments

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Renowned church strategist Thom Rainer coaches you through every step.

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

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View the content as you are able to implement changes in your ministry.

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The Outreach Bundle is available to you forever.

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