Engaging in Spiritual Warfare: Biblical Truth for Victory

Learn how to walk in victory over the enemy

This study is for pastors and church members who want to understand the reality of spiritual warfare and know how to stand in victory by wearing the full armor of God.


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Engaging in Spiritual Warfare: Biblical Truth for Victory

Learn how to walk in victory over the enemy

Do you experience spiritual warfare? Do you know how to defeat the enemy?

Too many believers live in ongoing defeat that robs them of their joy and weakens their Christian witness. They don’t know how to stand victoriously.

Maybe you’ve pondered some of these questions:

  • Why do I wrestle so much with temptation?
  • Why does God allow spiritual warfare in the first place?
  • Might the internal and relational conflicts I have be related to spiritual warfare?
  • Is the enemy up to something when our church is divided?
  • How do I break ongoing patterns of sin?
  • What does it mean to wear the full armor of God?
  • How do I know when it’s the enemy attacking me?
  • What does victory over the enemy really look like?

This study can help you answer these questions while also showing you how to live in victory over the enemy.

The Word of God gives us direction in how we stand against Satan and his forces. You and your church just need to know these truths and apply them in their lives.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Engaging in Spiritual Warfare course:

  • What spiritual warfare is
  • Whose battle it really is
  • Why weakness is a good thing in spiritual warfare
  • How God uses spiritual warfare for His glory
  • What Satan really wants
  • How the enemy attacks believers
  • How we stand in victory
  • What it means to be a threat to the enemy

This course is for you and your members!

  • Just five short course videos to watch.

  • Study guide that includes personal reflection questions.

  • Can guide church leaders to establish the priority of prayer and a thriving prayer ministry in their churches

  • Intentional, practical application to help you stay faithful to God in the midst of spiritual battles.

Includes all of the following:

Video training for the pastor and members

Course workbook

Recommended Book for You and Your Members

One copy included free with course

Why is it a struggle to pray? We know God chooses to move among Christians who humbly come to him in prayer; who depend on him for strength and guidance. Even so, too many of us are tempted to start our days prayerless and feeling alone. How can this be? We can’t afford to be so negligent, because whether we realize it or not we all face a high-stakes spiritual battle when we step out into our communities. 142 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

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Our members loved the heavy emphasis on prayer and how this study is saturated with gospel truths. Your church and community will be greatly blessed by it.


Engaging in Spiritual Warfare
Will Help You and
Your Church Members…

Recognize the reality of spiritual warfare
Grow in faith to stand strong in the full armor of God
Teach others about biblical teachings on spiritual warfare

Do you want all of these benefits for your church?

Train your members today to engage in spiritual warfare. Prepare them with biblical truth for victory.

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Your Course Teacher

Chuck Lawless

Chuck Lawless currently serves as senior professor of evangelism and missions, Dean of doctoral studies, and vice-president for Spiritual Formation and Ministry Centers at Southeastern Seminary. He served as a pastor for fourteen years and is the author or editor of several books, including The Potential and Power of Prayer, Disciple, Discipled Warriors, Mentoring, and Spiritual Warfare in the Storyline of Scripture. Dr. Lawless speaks extensively around the country and resides with his wife, Pam, in Wake Forest.

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