How To Lead A Healthy Small Group

Develop groups where your church can thrive

This course will help church leaders lead groups more effectively and help them lead others to be effective small-group leaders. Start developing healthy groups in your church today.


How To Lead A Healthy Small Group

Develop groups where your church can thrive



Are you tired of ineffective groups?

Churches often have small groups that do not accomplish the church’s vision. Or, perhaps they have very few groups at all.

Your church may be missing the mark with small groups.

❌ Groups may be lacking true community and fellowship
❌ Groups may be led by the wrong types of leaders
❌ Group members may not experience spiritual transformation
❌ Groups may be inward-focused
❌ Groups may be a breeding ground for gossip or disunity
❌ Groups may be aimless or lacking purpose

Your groups ought to be healthy and thriving.

When groups become stagnant and dull, it can affect the entire health of your church. 

Your church needs groups that are God-glorifying and powerful, led by leaders who help improve the church’s overall health.

You Can Begin to Develop Healthy Small Groups!

  • Learn how to develop community among your groups.
  • Witness spiritual growth among the group members in your church
  • See groups develop that welcome growth and multiplication
  • Experience the development of leaders in your small group ministry
  • Recognize the power of outreach and ministry from your groups
  • Watch members become more involved in every other area of the church as a result of healthy small groups

This course is for you and your members!

  • You and your ministry staff can take the course to develop skills and knowledge to benefit your church family

  • Those members who lead groups can learn how to be effective leaders in your groups ministry

  • Develop new leaders who are on the cusp of being effective group leaders

Includes the following:

Video training for the pastor and members

Course workbook

Recommended Book for You and Your Members

One copy is included free with the course

You have agreed to head up a small group in your church. Now what? How to Lead a Healthy Small Group is your complete guide to managing a small group effectively. From dealing with conflict to knowing how to direct difficult discussions, this book will be invaluable as you lead your small group and encourage it to thrive.

In this book, Pastor Kevin Mills

  1. explores the characteristics of a healthy small group and many of the issues you will face as a leader;
  2. explains how to address common issues that arise in small groups and
  3. offers insights into equipping your members to love God and one another.

This book includes the biblical basis for a small group ministry, inspirational stories, encouragements, creative ideas, and informative steps to minister to your group members.

Order How to Lead a Healthy Small Group for your church members and leaders here.

This course belongs to a series of training resources designed for both the church leader and church members. It provides consistent, reproducible training for ministry teams that can be completed at any time.

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How To Lead A Healthy Small Group Will Help You and Your Church Members . . .

Develop healthy groups in your church
Increase the opportunities for spiritual growth among your members
Create a structure by which your members can live in community and on mission

Do you want all of these benefits for your church?

Start developing healthy small groups in your church today. Equip your volunteers with the knowledge and the skills to lead others in small group ministry.

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Your Course Teacher

Kevin Mills

Kevin Mills is the lead pastor of Northway Church. He is a Mercer University and Samford University graduate with an earned master’s degree in theology. He and his wife and their four children live in Macon, Georgia.

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