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Invite Your One

Create a Culture of Invitation and Evangelism in Your Church

Most people visit a church because someone invited them.  In this online course, Dr. Rainer walks you through how to move your church from inward to outward and have an inviting culture.


Invite Your One

Create a Culture of Invitation and Evangelism in Your Church

Moving your church outside the walls of the church.

This resource will help your church move from an inward focus to a Great Commission congregation. In this course we will help your congregation take its first step away from flatline toward flourishing. Churches who have purchased Invite Your One have increased weekly attendance up to 30%.

What you can expect to learn.

  • Why an outward focus is so important.
  • A case study of a church that implemented Invite Your One.
  • How to create and organize a team of leaders.
  • How to follow up with guests.
  • The importance of organizing a prayer focus in your church.
  • Reasons you should consider online registration for guests.
  • The mistakes churches most often make on their websites.
  • Everything you need to know to implement an outward focused campaign that increases church attendance.
Thom Rainer Headshot

Renowned church strategist Thom Rainer walks you through every step.

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

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  • “Our church decided to Invite Your One. We were stagnate and nothing was happening as far as outreach. Once we started the program, excitement began to happen. People awakened and visitors started coming in. We reached over 100 unchurched people in three weeks of outreach. We drove our church van around the community and it was accepted well. INVITE YOUR ONE WORKS!”

    Pastor in Tennessee
  • “It was a great Sunday! We ended up with 429, which is incredible! The Sunday before Invite Your One we had 254 in worship attendance! That’s a 65% increase over our average attendance! But what made my day was seeing my people bring their friends and family… they were coming up to me with big smiles saying “Pastor, I got my one!” like they were surprised that it happened! I don’t think I have ever – in over 20 years of pastoring – seen so many people engage in inviting folks! Also, I do think we had more first time guests at our church than I have ever seen at one time.”

    Pastor in Ohio

Invite Your One Course Content

An outward focus is vital to the health of your church.

The churches that are in most need of revitalization are the ones that have become inwardly focused. In this 8-session course Thom Rainer will coach you through how to implement a successful outreach campaign. Video sessions also include ways to follow up with new guests who will visit as a result of your church-wide efforts. Invite Your One is a great tool to help move your church from inwardly focused to outwardly focused.

  • Why Invite Your One?
    • Introducing Invite Your One
      16 min
    • An Overview of Invite Your One
      17 min
    • The “Why” Behind Invite Your One
      16 min
    • A Case Study of Invite Your One Effectiveness
      16 min
  • Making Invite Your One Happen
    • Organizing the Prayer Force
      16 min
    • The Early Invitations
      15 min
    • The Invite Your One Checklist
      16 min
    • The Simplicity of Email Follow-Up
      15 min

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