Living God’s Mission in Your Life

Help your church members discover God’s mission for their lives

Living God’s Mission in Your Life is designed to help your church understand and embrace God’s plan and purpose for them to thrive in his kingdom.


Living God’s Mission in Your Life

Help your church members discover God’s mission for their lives



Do you want your church members to be on mission?

Churches are often focused on the wrong motivations. Frustrations abound when church members seem aimless or apathetic. Your people need to know God’s mission for their lives.

Your church may be failing to…

❌ Reach outwardly and upwardly.
❌ Live in selflessness and sacrifice.
❌ Accomplish the Acts 1:8 mandate.
❌ Discover God’s great plan for their lives.
❌ Realize the wonder of the kingdom of God.
❌ Focus on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

The church and its leaders need commitment to God’s mission.

Many churches are inwardly focused and uncommitted. They are distracted by the things of this world or are operating in complacency. 

Your church needs to be inspired to live on mission. God wants them to flourish, not to flounder.

Living God’s Mission in Your Life Can Inspire Your Church!

  • It is simple, yet biblical
  • It is designed to be used by multiple groups within the church
  • It can be led by a pastor, other leaders, or taken individually
  • It provides clear direction and focus for God’s mission
  • It is helpful for those with various levels of spiritual maturity
  • It inspires commitment and action from your church members

This course is for your entire church!

  • Ten video lessons to use as a leader or for individual learning.

  • Helpful for new believers, seasoned church members, and leaders.

  • Two hours of total teaching content to teach your people about the mission of God!

Includes the following:

Video training for the pastor and members

Course workbook

Recommended Book for You and Your Members

One copy is included free with the course

You Have a Purpose. God Has a Part for You to Play in Something Big.

You were created by God, called to follow Christ, and commissioned to make disciples. When Jesus gave this commission, it wasn’t a last-minute thought before he ascended into heaven. It was a mandate for all his followers to participate in a movement of God already in motion.

What is God’s will for my life?

Where does my life fit into God’s purpose?

If the idea that you have a purpose and mission feels daunting, keep in mind that you cannot mess up the story of what God is doing. But you can miss out on being a part of it.

The Mission of God and You will expand your missional view of the Bible and your biblical view of the world. You’ll traverse the globe and grasp the urgency of our mission. You’ll hear the stories of a great cloud of witnesses, both past and present, and gain perspective on how God has worked and is working. You’ll be challenged to leverage every season of your life to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Don’t wait. God is inviting you to participate in the most significant movement the world has ever known.

Order The Mission of God and You for your church members and leaders here.

This course belongs to a series of training resources designed for both the church leader and church members. It provides consistent, reproducible training for ministry teams that can be completed at any time.

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Living God’s Mission in Your Life Will Help You and Your Church Members . . .

Understand God’s mission for his people.
Create a vision for how you can live purposeful lives.
Begin to multiply the passion for missional living in your church.

Do you want all of these benefits for your church?

Start equipping your church members to live God’s mission in their lives. Create passion and excitement to live for the glory of God.

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Your Course Teacher

Lori McDaniel

Lori McDaniel is a compelling communicator, public speaker, leadership strategist, global mission catalyst, and status-quo disrupter. Lori talks about engaging the culture wars with humility, the vital role of women in missions, and how the Great Commission is not gender specific.

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