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Pray and Go

Reach Your Community Through the Power of Prayer

With Pray and Go, you can create a prayer-centered culture in your church that leads to outward focus and community impact. This resource walks you through all the steps you need to make prayer a core component of your church’s outreach strategy.


Pray and Go

Reach Your Community Through the Power of Prayer



Get Your Church Going More and Praying More.

Consistent and ongoing prayer ministry meets with consistent and ongoing ministry of the Great Commission where gospel conversations can take place on an ongoing basis. Connect with every single home in your defined community and see your people become obedient to the Great Commission.

What you can expect to learn.

  • Why prayer and Great Commission obedience are tied together in the Bible.
  • The importance of prayer for church’s community.
  • How to run an effective Pray & Go campaign in your church.
  • The importance of recruiting an effective team for a church-wide campaign.
  • Why churches fail to give priority to either prayer or evangelism.
Thom Rainer Headshot

Renowned church strategist Thom Rainer walks you through every step.

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

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  • “The Pray and Go strategy has been very effective for our rural setting. I have been surprised by seeing people come to our church because they got our card and note that we prayed for them. I am currently discipling one man in this approach and it is wonderful to watch his faith explode. I am praying to see others catch on to the idea.”

    Pastor in rural Georgia
  • “I took our youth group for a Pray & Go outing. I was shocked to find the students loved it and want to go again. Forget about them being the leaders of tomorrow they are leading today! More houses were prayed over and a door hanger left than two months of our small group of adults doing it.

    The frosting on the cake was later my most fearful senior citizen shared a cool story about her first Pray and Go outing. I think Pray and Go during the pandemic is a powerful statement to our community.”

    David Starkey
    Pastor, Pine Meadows Wesleyan Church
  • I want to share what a blessing it was for our church to fuse the Pray and Go resource and to finish our goal of praying for 1,000 homes in our community today. We started the goal just before COVID started and took a long break as we regrouped. Finally, we decided not to let COVID stop us from praying in our community. We picked it back up and finished our goal of 1,000 homes before Halloween. For reference, our average attendance right now is 100 people. We met twice a week for about an hour each time. Our largest team was seven people and our smallest team was two people. We had about three or four people on average. This is certainly something that we can celebrate in the middle of a crazy year. If you were on the fence about doing something like this, I highly encourage you to take it on.

    Matthew McCraw
    Pastor, FBC Bartow

Pray and Go Course Content

Changing your church culture through the power of prayer.

Christ’s plan was to provide hope for the nations and his strategy was to send out his disciples. Pray & Go is an on-demand course that will help the disciples that you lead move beyond the walls of the church. Whether your church is downtown, in the suburbs, or in small town rural setting you will see gospel impact in your church and in your community.


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