The Complete Membership Class Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to in-person and virtual member classes.

Looking for a resource to revamp your membership class? The Complete Membership Kit includes all the resources you need to facilitate a successful membership class. The kit includes:

  • Participant video course
  • Leader training course
  • Guides for in-person and virtual classes
  • Downloadable templates


The Complete Membership Class Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to in-person and virtual member classes.



failing membership class

Your membership class fails if…

  • It is offered inconsistently
  • It is not a priority
  • It doesn’t communicate expectations
  • It doesn’t assimilate people into your church


A Successful Guest Experience

Take your prospective members through a journey that will introduce them to meaningful church membership. We have aggregated all the tools you need to facilitate an in-person and virtual membership class.

Complete Toolkit

The Comprehensive Resource Includes:

  • Leader training
  • Participant videos
  • Bulletin inserts
  • An in-person guide
  • A virtual class guide
  • Much more!

Companion Study Guide

About the book:

In his newest book, Sam Rainer covers why every Christ follower is meant to be connected to the church.

God has placed every individual to be a part of a congregation for their own good. God has also placed individuals in a church for the good of others.

Those inside the church and those outside the church need your help. 



7 basics of belonging

Your Membership Class Teachers

Our church has embraced the book “7 Basics of Belonging” as our curriculum for our new members class.  Our leadership loves how it “feels like” it was written for our church and our new families love the details and clarity.  Thank you for this great resource for our church!

Pastor Ed Trinkle
Warehouse Church, Plano, Texas

Thom Rainer 

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

Sam Rainer 

As President of Church Answers, Sam Rainer wears many hats. From podcast co-host to full-time Pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Sam’s heart for ministry and revitalization are evident in all he does.

Membership Learning Objectives

  • Why join a church?
  • The importance of worship.
  • How to make disciples.
  • Reaching your community.
  • Personal giving.
  • Individual and corporate prayer.
  • Unity of church members.
  • Serving others.
  • Taking your next step.

How The Video Training Course Works

Learn at your own pace or in real time.

View all the content as it is being recorded or as you are able to implement changes in your ministry.

Downloadable resources

Includes video courses, checklists, and study guides.

Church-wide License

By purchasing the live course you are purchasing a license to show the content to your entire church staff.

Lifetime Access

The video content is available to you forever.

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    • Leaders Guide Session 4: The Long-Term Commitment of a New Members' Class
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    • Purchase "7 Basics of Belonging" Companion Study Guide
  • Membership Class for Your Church
    • Membership Class Session 1: Why Join A Church?
      7 min
    • Membership Class Session 2: Worship - Saying “Yes” to God
      8 min
    • Membership Class Session 3: Grow - Making Disciples Who Make Disciples
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 4: Serve - Reaching Outward Beyond Yourself
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 5: Give - Honoring God with Your Offering
      11 min
    • Membership Class Session 6: Prayer - Prioritizing God’s Will
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 7: Seek Unity - Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 8: Sacrifice - Putting Others Before Yourself
      7 min
    • Membership Class Session 9: Now What?
      6 min
Leader Training Videos
Membership Class Videos

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