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The Complete Membership Class Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to in-person and virtual member classes

Looking for a resource to revamp your membership class? The Complete Membership Kit includes all the resources you need to facilitate a successful membership class.


The Complete Membership Class Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to in-person and virtual member classes

How would you grade your membership class?

Our guess is that your membership class needs some serious attention. Perhaps it hasn’t been updated in several years. Perhaps it doesn’t reflect your heart and passion for the local church. Perhaps it’s just plain boring. You need help to make it succeed!

Don’t let your membership class fail for these reasons…

❌ It is offered inconsistently
❌ It is not a priority
❌ It doesn’t communicate expectations
❌ It doesn’t assimilate people into your church

failing membership class

Do Your Members Understand...

  • The basis for membership?
  • The importance of worship?
  • How to make disciples?
  • How to reach your community?
  • Personal giving?
  • Individual and corporate prayer?
  • Unity of church members?
  • How to serve others?
  • The joy of membership?

Fill Your Church With Quality Members

Think about it. Your church is filled with people from all walks of life. Each of your members is unique. Their theology of church, worship, evangelism, discipleship, giving, and prayer will vary… and that can be a beautiful thing. But it can also be a huge challenge for your next sermon series or giving campaign.

You have the opportunity to impart the biblical value and benefits of church community to your incoming members. Take the lead and set the standard for quality church membership. Build a strong foundation for your members to be committed disciples, genuine worshipers, and faithful givers.

Your church needs to know that membership is more than signing a paper. It’s an intentional commitment to love and serve the church God has placed them in. Help them thrive in your church.

Create The Best Experience

With the Complete Membership Class Toolkit, You’ll take prospective members through a journey that will introduce them to meaningful church membership. We have aggregated all the tools you need to facilitate an in-person and virtual membership class.

Get Everything You Need for Your Class

4 Video sessions for class leaders

9 Video sessions for class members

PowerPoint templates

Printable Bulletin Inserts

Full-Color Logos

Discussion & Leader Guides

Course Sample & Outline

  • The Complete Membership Class Toolkit Course Introduction
    • Meet the Instructors
    • Course Book
    • How to Navigate The Complete Membership Class Toolkit Course
      10 min
    • Book Bulk Order Form
      10 min
  • Training the Leader
    • Leaders Guide Session 1: Before You Lead Your Church to a New Members' Class
      10 min
    • Leaders Guide Session 2: Why This Class Is Vital to Your Church
      8 min
    • Leaders Guide Session 3: Four Big Issues
      9 min
    • Leaders Guide Session 4: The Long-Term Commitment of a New Members' Class
      8 min
    • Purchase "7 Basics of Belonging" Companion Study Guide
  • Membership Class for Your Church
    • Membership Class Session 1: Why Join A Church? (Download link below video)
      7 min
    • Membership Class Session 2: Worship - Saying “Yes” to God
      8 min
    • Membership Class Session 3: Grow - Making Disciples Who Make Disciples
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 4: Serve - Reaching Outward Beyond Yourself
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 5: Give - Honoring God with Your Offering
      11 min
    • Membership Class Session 6: Prayer - Prioritizing God’s Will
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 7: Seek Unity - Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing
      9 min
    • Membership Class Session 8: Sacrifice - Putting Others Before Yourself
      7 min
    • Membership Class Session 9: Now What?
      6 min
Leader Training Videos
Membership Class Videos

Recommended Guide for You and Your Members

In his new church membership book, Sam Rainer covers why every Christ follower is meant to be connected to the church.

God has placed every individual to be a part of a congregation for their own good. God has also placed individuals in a church for the good of others.

Those inside the church and those outside the church need your help. 

Order 7 Basics of Belonging Here  

This course belongs to a series of training resources designed for both the church leader and church members. It provides consistent, reproducible training for ministry teams that can be completed at any time.

It’s Easy to Start Today

Get the course

The church leader purchases just one copy of this course which includes the book, 7 Basics of Belonging. 

Share with members

The church leader may download the membership class videos and tools to share with ministry teams forever.

Ready any time

Offer membership classes, in-person or digitally as many times as you need!  Equip your new members at any time, all the work has been done for you.

Our church has embraced the book “7 Basics of Belonging” as our curriculum for our new members class.  Our leadership loves how it “feels like” it was written for our church and our new families love the details and clarity.  Thank you for this great resource for our church!

Pastor Ed Trinkle
Warehouse Church, Plano, Texas

The Membership Toolkit Will Help You
Produce Quality Church Members…

✔ Who understand the meaning of membership
✔ Who are encouraged to make disciples
✔ Who desire to serve the church
✔ Who want to invite others to church
✔ Who are challenged to be kingdom-oriented givers

Do you desire your church to be filled with these kind of members?

Never plan a membership class again. Get the toolkit and start producing quality, committed church members this week!

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Your Membership Class Teachers

Thom Rainer 

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.

Sam Rainer 

As President of Church Answers, Sam Rainer wears many hats. From podcast co-host to full-time Pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Sam’s heart for ministry and revitalization are evident in all he does.


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