In-Person Coaching Intensives

Two days, 10 peers, and Thom Rainer as your personal coach to flesh out a roadmap for your church for the next two to three years. Our team will provide a great deal of research and preparatory work before you arrive. You will be blown away by the resources and guidance you will receive.

Peer Review

You and your group of 10 peers will help each other define and shape your church’s vision and strategy.

Expert Review

You will receive expert insight into your church’s community, its unique situation, and barriers for growth.

Action Plan

Our goal is to equip you with a strategic plan and vision that can be immediately applied in your church!

What will you get out of our Strategic Planning Intensive?

  • Understanding your community
  • Understanding your leadership style
  • Understanding your church’s health
  • Tools you need to implement a strategic campaign at your church.
  • A final draft of a vision statement you can take to your team.
  • One on one coaching with Thom Rainer and the Church Answers team.
  • “This experience was time well invested for the continued health and growth of my congregation… I would recommend micro consulting to any pastor who wants to see their congregation grow confidently in the Word and to make a lasting difference in their community.”

    Pastor David J. Bass
    Hosanna Lutheran Church, Kerrville, Texas
  • “Unlike a number of other conferences, I also received objective information on my community that was both affirming and also surprising.  Rather than guessing, you provided us with objective data as well as a specific plan with tactics and deadlines for implementing at least one strategy for revitalization. If this were Trip Advisor I would give it a 5 star rating.”

    Dr. Bobby Brewer
    Lead Pastor at North Chapel, Fountain Hills, AZ
Hours of Expert Coaching
Peers in a Group
Vision Statement

More Questions?

Contact us at 615-669-8201 or email [email protected] for assistance.