Seven of My Resolutions for the New Year


Many of us adopt “New Year’s resolutions.” I don’t necessarily use that terminology, but I do consider goals I want to set for the new year. I share them with you to help you think about some goals, too—but my primary reason is to ask you to pray for me in this new year. 

1. I will read through the Bible this year. I have done that for years using the same system (check here if you’d like to know what that system is), but I still have to recommit to it each year. 

2. I will memorize at least 25 verses this year. That’s one verse every two weeks. My church, though, has encouraged us to memorize 60 as a congregation, so I’ll meet this goal easily if I do what my pastors have asked.

3. I will grow in loving my wife like Christ loves the church—and ask her if I’m getting there. My pastoral mentor for years set this kind of goal, and I’m following his lead this year. The accountability with my wife herself should teach me much. 

4. I will serve through my church any way I’m needed. I set this goal because I want to be ready to do anything, regardless of what that role is. I’m accustomed to being the preacher/professor, so I’m typically in front of the crowd—but I must be willing to serve gladly even if few people know I’m serving. 

5. I will share the gospel at least once a week. That may sound like a hard goal to meet (and I suspect it will be), but I’m reminded there are many ways to share the good news—personally, electronically, etc. The goal is a response to what God is doing in my life in burdening me deeply for non-believers. 

6. I will pray like Jesus and the early church did. That, too, is a tough goal—but I need that challenge. When I recently wrote the book, The Potential and Power of Prayer, God simply overwhelmed me with my responsibility to pray with more intentionality. I want to make a difference from my knees. 

7. I will develop at least one hobby to help me relax and rest. I work multiple jobs, and I’m always busy—perhaps idolatrously at times. I know I need to leave things at God’s feet and rest more. The hobby I most want to work on this next year is outdoor adventure (camping, rock climbing, hiking, etc.). I want to rest in God’s grace, knowing His work goes on without me when I’m taking a needed break. 

What are your goals/resolutions for this year?  By the way, if you’re interested in “leading from your knees” in 2023, I encourage you to join my Church Answers six-month cohort called “Victory over the Enemy: Leading from Our Knees,” that begins in just a few weeks. We will look together at living and leading victoriously over the enemy.

Posted on January 3, 2023

Dr. Chuck Lawless is a leading expert in spiritual consultation, discipleship and mentoring. As a former pastor, he understands the challenges ministry presents and works with Church Answers to provide advice and counsel for church leaders.
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  • Stephanie J. says on

    There’s an app called Verses that I love for scripture memory. A particularly neat function is that multiple people can have the app and be grouped together on a certain verse or group of verses for accountability. It measures how much of the verse or passage has been practiced with an outer blue circle, and measures how well the verse or passage is learned with an inner circle that starts out red and moves to green with the more of it you complete.