A Brighter Tomorrow Awaits Your Church

If God can save any person, He can save any church.

No church should die. Ever. Perhaps a church is far gone, deep into a toxic state of disunity. Perhaps a church has decades of decline. Perhaps a church has veered far from doctrinal convictions. Would the death of these churches advance the kingdom? Would their death glorify God?


If God can save any person, then He can save any church. If we believe in redemption for people (anyone!), then we must also believe the same for churches.

This conviction drives the theme of my newest book, The Church Revitalization Checklist.

A brighter tomorrow awaits your church. This book is a tool to help you start fresh. It’s a step-by-step path to a hope-filled future for both you and your church. The seven-point checklist is a practical tool to help you in all the key areas of church revitalization.

God has placed you exactly where He wants you. But let’s be honest, if you’re leading a church, it isn’t easy. Maybe your church has been in the doldrums for years. Maybe you’re hearing a lot of complaints, and you’re simply tired or disheartened. Maybe you’ve been hurt. But you are not alone. Many church leaders have sore backs from carrying a heavy load. This book will lighten that load.

Your church has the opportunity of a lifetime. The world has shifted, and a new, brighter tomorrow awaits. The Church Revitalization Checklist is a tool to help you start fresh, leverage your strengths, and discover hidden opportunities for church growth.


Available now at Tyndale or Amazon.

Posted on January 5, 2022

As President of Church Answers, Sam Rainer wears many hats. From podcast co-host to full-time Pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Sam’s heart for ministry and revitalization are evident in all he does.
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