A Message to All COVID Medical Personnel


Our church recently concluded our services by asking all who attend to write thank you notes to all the medical personnel in our regional medical center, specifically those who have looked after COVID patients for two years. It was a reminder to me that I have a forum that can be used to express my gratitude to medical personnel all around the world. Shame on me that I have not done so until now.

To the doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical personnel: Thank you. You have been through a horrendous schedule. You have wept to see so many lives lost. You have consoled countless family members. You have been the recipients of anger, frustrations, criticisms, grief, and fear.

You have worked until you’ve had no physical and emotional strength to carry on. Yet, somehow, you managed to get up the next day and do it again. You have cared selflessly for others while you often had no one to care for you.

Allow me to say it again: Thank you. Please hear some of the areas where my heart has immense gratitude.

Thank You for Your Courage

You are literally putting your lives on the line to save other lives. You probably know medical personnel who lost their lives to COVID.

The best definition of a courageous person is a man or woman who puts others first even while recognizing the personal risk in doing so. You demonstrate courage. You embody courage. You personify courage.

Thank You for Your Sacrifices

For certain, your sacrifices include your willingness to put your lives on the line for others. But you have sacrificed time and energy. You have often worked past the point of exhaustion. You have sacrificed your own personal schedule. You didn’t get to do so many of the things the rest of us were able to do.

You sacrificed your family at times. Perhaps your family understood that you are like the soldiers who go to battle to protect their nation. You did the same. The battlefield was different, but it was still a battlefield. Or perhaps your family did not understand. You lived under the constant pressure of saving lives while saving your family.

Thank You for Your Hope

You held the hands of dying patients and whispered hope to them. You exhorted other patients to fight for their lives and for their families.

You gave kind words and hope to the families of the COVID victims. You witnessed tragedy after tragedy, but you personified hope for countless persons. When the COVID patient could not see his or her family, you were there for them. And for some of them you were the only person, the only hope, they could see as they took their final breaths.

Thank You . . .

My words are insufficient. I have personally thanked many medical personnel. I have written letters of encouragement. I have prayed for those I know by name. And I have prayed in aggregate for the millions I don’t know.

I will continue to pray for you. I will continue to encourage you. And I will continue to acclaim that you are my heroes and my heroines.

We often refer to Jesus as the Great Physician. I pray for you he will be the Great Encourager as well. I pray he will be the Great Comfort too.

You deserve my prayers and so much more. Infinitely more.

Thank you. May the God who loves his children without condition be a blessing of love, encouragement, and comfort to you.

Posted on October 11, 2021

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.
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  • Emmanuel Thompson Ukpong says on

    We appreciate your service to the Kingdom. We pray the Lord of Harvest to increase His ANOINTING on you. Thank you for sending me the message. Very good

  • Very encouraging God bless you and your ministry

  • I appreciate all the COVID Medical Personnel for all the sacrifices they went through during this pandemic, but I never took the time to thank them, keep up the good work Thom S. Rainer.

  • Jim Werkmeister says on

    Thank you very much Thom for remembering the healthcare workers during this time. I am a physician who practices in a small rural Kentucky community and have seen, as you have described, first hand what COVID can do to families/communities and church’s. My wife is a Physician Assistant who works in primary care and my daughter is an ICU nurse who contracted COVID from a patient she was providing caring and seeing unfortunate loss of life. We do not want praise or glory just prayers for families, communities, church’s , our nation/leaders and that God may heal our land if we would but humble ourselves and pray. Thank you again for your words of encouragement.