Celebrating the Work of Church Revitalization

By Sam Rainer

You become what you celebrate. And we will celebrate church revitalization because we need more stories of churches being revitalized.   

That’s why we are hosting Revitalize 2020 in Bradenton, Florida on April 20 and 21. It’s the inaugural event. You don’t want to miss it. We will celebrate churches and leaders doing the hard work of revitalization. One of our goals is to champion leaders who would otherwise go unnoticed. Even more importantly, we want to inspire others to join the movement of church revitalization.

Far too many churches are unhealthy. But there are also far too many critics. It’s easy to stand on the sidelines and judge. It’s hard to jump into the mix and lead. Revitalizing a church is anything but glamorous. Even after several years of God-honoring work, leaders can get discouraged at the lack of movement. If you feel this way, you’re likely making more progress than you realize.

Revitalize 2020 was created for pastors like you. The event will be a celebration. The spirit will be one of encouragement and inspiration. 

We hope to be one of the largest gatherings of church optimists.

If God can save any person, then He can save any church. In fact, He is saving churches. God is using everyday leaders to do His work of making Jesus’ bride healthy again. 

Don’t listen to the cynics. Come celebrate with us. Join a movement of church revitalization. You will find many like-minded leaders at Revitalize 2020

Posted on January 22, 2020

As President of Church Answers, Sam Rainer wears many hats. From podcast co-host to full-time Pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Sam’s heart for ministry and revitalization are evident in all he does.
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