Fourteen Symptoms of Toxic Church Leaders

Most church leaders are godly and healthy. A toxic church leader, one that is figuratively poisonous to the organization, is rare. But it is that church leader who brings great harm to churches and other Christian organizations. And it is that leader that hurts the entire cause of Christ when word travels about such toxicity.

In a previous post, I noted the traits of long-term, healthy pastors. I now travel to the opposite extreme and provide symptoms of the worst kind of church leaders, toxic church leaders.

  1. They rarely demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit. Paul notes those specific attributes in Galatians 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control. You won’t see them much in toxic leaders.
  2. They seek a minimalist structure of accountability. Indeed, if they could get away with it, they would operate in a totally autocratic fashion, with heavy, top-down leadership.
  3. They expect behavior of others they don’t expect of themselves. “Do as I say, not as I do.”
  4. They see almost everyone else as inferior to themselves. You will hear them criticizing other leaders while building themselves up.
  5. They show favoritism. It is clear that they have a favored few while they marginalize the rest.
  6. They have frequent anger outbursts. This behavior takes place when they don’t get their way.
  7. They say one thing to some people, but different things to others. This is a soft way of saying they lie.
  8. They seek to dismiss or marginalize people before they attempt to develop them. People are means to their ends; they see them as projects, not God’s people who need mentoring and developing.
  9. They are manipulative. Their most common tactic is using partial truths to get their way.
  10. They lack transparency. Autocratic leaders are rarely transparent. If they get caught abusing their power, they may have to forfeit it.
  11. They do not allow for pushback or disagreement. When someone does disagree, he or she becomes the victim of the leader’s anger and marginalization.
  12. They surround themselves with sycophants. Their inner circle thus often includes close friends and family members, as well as a host of “yes people.”
  13. They communicate poorly. In essence, any clarity of communication would reveal their autocratic behavior, so they keep their communications unintelligible and obtuse.
  14. They are self-absorbed. In fact, they would unlikely see themselves in any of these symptoms.

Yes, toxic leaders are the distinct minority of Christian leaders. But they can do harm to the cause of Christ disproportionate to their numbers. And they can get away with their behavior for years because they often have a charismatic and charming personality. Charming like a snake.

Do you know of any toxic church leaders? Do these symptoms seem familiar?

Posted on October 1, 2014

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.
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  • anton viljoen says on

    Hi Everyone ,,, Can you give some advice here please …. I am an senior drummer in our church / playing drums and percussion for many many years . The new worship leader tells me my style and alignment is not what the church and the 2 Pastor leaders want …. I was like …whaaat ?? I played jazz, rock , country and for the last 15 years we have concentrated on music like Ron Keyhole , Paul Wilbur , Robin Marks , Don Moen , Hill Songs , Brian Doerksen and many hymns . I have , since 2009 , also played at large Feast of Tabernacle Events , …feel something is terribly wrong here .There is no fellowship , no workshops and the music has been the same the past 5 years .
    will appreciate some feedback

    • Sue Dumbill says on

      Hi Anton

      Maybe you need to consider a complete change. I have many concerns about modern churches here in the UK and in the US.

      The modern neo charismatic church seems to have evolved into something of a system, which exists for itself. Originality, individualism and spontaneity are not really wanted, so long as they adhere to and become assimilated into the System, or a spiritual kind of Collective Conscience.

      If this is happening in your church, I’d really pray if I were you, and try to be open to the Lord maybe taking you into a completely new direction, and it’ll very likely be somewhere you’d least expect.

      I spent 30 + years in the charismatic churches, and although I learned a lot, I have been so badly damaged I’m surprised I’m still alive today. I’m a talented visual artist and qualifed psych nurse with considerable ability to relate to others’ suffering, as I too suffer with mental health issues, but they’ll never let me do much more than stack the chairs after a service. I’ve finally decided to leave them all behind. I currently attend a more traditional church and rely on reading my Bible and prayer, than the opinions of some. Mine has been an extremely painful path, but I’m holdingn onto God’s promises for better times, and its much healthier for me.

      Your path may not be easy, but if God guides you similarly, it will be worth it.

      Also, don’t rely only on one church, or even friends in one church. If you’ve got to travel to another (even secretively) that’s between you and God. Be careful, and Test Everything (Thessalonians).

      Hope this helps.


      Liverpool UK

  • Marius De Kock says on

    This is the saddest comment section, the worst part is that the comments are alive and growing.

    Can anyone advise me on how to write an official letter to our church eldership? Our church secretary has been acting like this for years and we are trying to put a stop to it. I cannot find any good outlines for letters to a church eldership. The only ones I can find are to encourage or thank the eldership, which is probably good, but not very helpful for our need.

  • Trinity Seven says on

    It’s so saddening that your leader has an anger issue especially with an uncontrollable mouth/words, not to mention a double minded person.

    – the leader tendd to change the plans or program with such a short notice but expects a good performance?
    – not knowing the technically of the things, just do what he will say, even if you mention a valid reason that some things are really impossible. He says that he is practical but his words and action says otherwise.
    – a member who just came back and that leader wants him/her to get involve right away
    – tends to get angry, says hurtful words (even without foul words), there’s no issue with anger but has an issue with uncontrolled, ungodly, unchristian anger
    – impatient
    – he becomes the “standard”, if you can’t please the leader, you cannot please God.
    – tends to mention to others a member’s supposedly secret thing, uncontrolled mouth
    – historical and histerical

  • Thom,
    Thank you so much for this insight. My church is in this situation now and has been for the last 5 years. I’ve seen so many of my good Christian friends leave our church because they’ve lost confidence in the preacher and he’s made no effort to reach them or restore their fellowship. It’s heartbreaking and very sad.

  • Susie Smith says on

    I thought shepherds were supposed to protect and help the sheep Not devour them like is happening now. Ive been told that they are Not suppose to help a person in distress. But instead they are banding together to do harm to the least of these ,scrambling to do harm But not to Love them when in distress. OPEN DOOR CALVARY CHAPEL IN Anaheim ,Ca on Harbor Blvd . Goes as far as to hide all the Bad comments about their church .They conceal Sin !!!!! Just because it is not Happening to you does Not mean is not real and true !!!!!!!!! We need to remember that we can’t ever be perfect Only Jesus is perfect. God’s word calls us all to come to Repentance !! Have you ever wonder, really study Why God’s word saids only a few are making it into heaven?? PLEASE READ PILGRIMS PROGRESS. MANY AND AGAIN MANY ARE CHOOSING THE EASIER ROAD ,the easier way & still calling it Jesus &:Millions are following this Big ,Fat Lie from Satan !!! Scripture saids whoever decides to live a godly life will Be Persecuted. Not maybe or only some and others Not . If you are truly a true committed Christian You will be persecuted. Is so sad How many are cowardly bowing down No Major constant , restricted Sacrifice, hardships. So sad . We cant talk the talk and not walk the walk . Committing to Jesus truly Will Cost you Dearly but you wont know until You start loosing family, friends,many things and people on that narrow path you will be alone physically alone. Scripture saids to take up our cross and follow Jesus . It does not say stay in your comfort zone and still call it Jesus . God is Not interested in our Comfort He is interested in Our Character!!!! We need to stop using our opinions, we think & feel Instead start Obeying & applying God’s word to our lives before is too late . God

  • Hi there is So much of this happening in the Churches that you cannot even amagine until you become one of their victims. Worst of all there are So Many in the churches Only Watching the show while the least of these get devoured or oppressed, or lashed or falsely accused or worst phsically thrown out of church and No one speaks up to defend the victims But band together to harm or hurt the ones that are wounded, brokenhearted, alone & lonely. These Cowards are Wolves in sheep’s clothing and they target the least of these . Sadly to say is happening in God’s house !!!! I know this for a fact cause it happened to me personally. I also saw how others were told to or asked to leave Cause they Felt threatened by certain individuals that had a desire to grow & draw near to God .There is So much hate ,envy,& jealousy Inside the churches now a days . Be sure of thus that if they see you growing & maturing in God’s word and drawing near to God through his son Jesus You will become A Prey ,Their Target! What is even worst the SENIOR Pastors &other Pastors band together with them!!!!! There are So Many inside the churches right now But No one wants to Talk about it and Expose The sin being done to Widows, homeless, wounded, brokenhearted,fatherless, orphans, and etc. God’s word saids in the bible their time Will come ,& that God will turn the tables on the wicked in Psalm 75. Is So Cowardly how so many keep quiet While the victims are being harm but what is worst they say the victim the one the harm is being done to Is the trouble maker , the bad person. I just want to say to all these Cowards if you dont repent before is too late your day will come !!! So sad what is happening And no one is Speaking up for the innocent, the victims being harmed . There is in out door Church in ANAHEIM Calif . Of Harbor & La Palma i have been attending a few weeks And i was lashed at by this So called Christian & of course Everyone remained quiet while she was trying to control me & manipulate me and telling me what i was doing wrong forcefully. What God has taught me in his word is to love others Not to tear down, to build up ,and encourage especially When someone is in distress due to lost of husband and so many other things .What im saying is There is no love or compassion in the churches now . They claim there is But there is none and ive tried other churches in Hope of seeing Love &compassion,&mercy what i find is alot of entertainment &self love!!!!!! By their fruit you will recognize them Matthew 7. Im so tired of all this wickedness spreading like a wild fire inside the churches And no one is Speaking up. This is why im calling out all these Cowards that go after Widows &others inside the churches And Exposing them like it saids in Ephesians 5: 11 calls us All of us Not just some to Expose Evil . Iam also asking Where are you Men & women of courage When are you going to stand up like it tells us all and defend God’s truth and defend the innocent??????? Who is going to stand up for against the wicked??????????? Who will ?????? Is there any courageous ones out there????????? Are you going to remain Silent cause of the fear of men???????????? I will continue to pray for all these evil &wicked people inside the churches They are suppose to be the light for the rest of the world to see & Instead they are Being like the World or even Worst . I pray in Jesus name that God touches their hearts each one of them before is too late and they make a choice to turn to God before is too late before his anger,wrath and judgment falls upon them for all the evil & wickedness they continue to do to their neighbors especially family of believers!!!. This is Not a board game or game your playing on a device You are all doing this to God when you Harm your neighbor and call it Something else So you continue in Sin. Remember God is watching for All that continue to do harm to their neighbor. Also remember God cannot be mocked!!!!!! In Jesus name . Ipray & hope you turn deliberately Sinning before is too late . Draw near to God will he is near and he will draw near to you. God tells us in his word Not to hide our light under a table But Many who profess to know Him Deny Him With their Actions ESPECIALLY when So called Christians are devouring others inside the churches So devastating what is happening But Many,countless are remaining Quiet in the Hot Seat Cause of Fear of Men loosing friends &family Is not a popular thing right now!!! That is why Soo many are Going down the Easier Road now a days and remaining Quiet and following the crowds of fools . The bible saids the blind lead the blind.I pray & hope all these,worldly Christians take it to heart and Repent before is too late .Psalm 37 saids God laughs at the wicked for their day is coming. Also all worldly Christians Stop making excuses for yourselves & for others when Deliberately continually in Sin is So abvious, subtle But abvious You Parade your Sins for everyone to see You may fool Many But Not Everyone & ESPECIALLY Not our Heavenly Father in Heaven. God sees everything and knows everything. One more thing these evil & wicked ones will use the excuse that the Victim their victim is Not forgiving and is bitter Instead of Telling the Truth and saying we are doing Evil to our Neighbors & other excuses! Remember Satan masquerades as an angel of light and so do his servants. Please God’s people please speak up for God’s truth and for the innocent victims out there Dont remain Quiet cause of popularity or something else. Popularity or something else of this world Didn’t give you Life Only God did. Are you going to Stand with God and be judged by the world ??? Or you you going to stand with the world And Be Judged by God??? Remember popularity and anything else in this world is temporary! I read this inspirational quote Sin is like a credit card You Sin now but pay later !!!! Really consider the consequences of Sin before is too late . Also for those worldly Christians bible saids you think that if you hide in deep darkness you will hide it from God . No one can hide from God especially when swimming, deliberately Sinning. Please turn to God before is to late .Stop harming your neighbor or neighbors to make yourself feel better temporarily. I will nkt remain Silent about This evil invading churches Is Real &is Happening. This needs to be addressed But no one is doing anything About so they Continue to Do harm to their neighbor or neighbors inside the churches. They need to be held accountable in front of others So they will be Shamed for what they are doing to others . Now im beginning to understand why God’s Judgment will start with the churches.wakw up people wickedness is spreading like a Wild Fire inside the churches right now!!!!! God bless. Another thing this Not Rare !!!

  • john in phx says on

    Hello Thom,
    how’s your discernment today? so many kooky voices out there today, discernment is important. Heb 5
    Does this brief message represent the heart of our precious savior today?



    This little note has been 40 years in the making, by one who has failed much, and is directed primarily to those who have been called as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. These are the equipping gifts that Apostle Paul refers to in Eph. 4. It is noteworthy that Jesus’s first recorded action upon His ascension was to give these gifts to His church, so that His church could be “equipped”, in order to “attain” to a greater measure of Christ daily, and as a result to “build itself up in love” so that we would be a showcase to the world, of our precious Saviors oneness in Him, through His love, by the power of His Spirit. That’s His agenda today!!!!! BTW this is what the enemy fears most!


    As our precious Lord and Savior prepares His church for His imminent return, there will be varying degrees of receptivity to this preparation within His Body. The 2nd and 3rd chapters of the book of Revelation, provides us with much needed insight as we endeavor to see this current condition of His Body from His perspective and mindset. This section of scripture also gives us a glimpse into the seven various ages and or stages, and conditions of His Body throughout this age, as well as what we His body will be held to account for, on that great day when we will all stand before Him in judgement, to give an account for what we did in His Body on this earth “weather good, (new creation in Christ) or worthless, (old creation in Adam)”. (1 Cor. 3:10-15).
    It’s quite interesting to note how Jesus called out the religious leaders of His day for not recognizing the “signs of the times “they were living in, – Matt. 16:1-4, thus they missed His coming, why? Because their traditional religious agenda was different from our Lords “new creation” agenda. Similarly, if we were to see things from His mindset today, we would see today’s “signs of the times” Rev. 3:15-22, – the good news is that the spiritual climate we are living in today does not take our Lord by surprise, in His Sovereignty and wisdom He has anticipated this age of spiritual decline, blindness and deception. In fact, Rev.3:15-22 lists these characteristics of the “lukewarm” Laodicea church, which also shows a differing agenda from our Lord. We find in Rev 3:15-16 that the predominate description of the end times church depicted in the church of Laodicea according to our Lord is that of a being “lukewarm”. Perhaps some very good questions to seek revelation from the Lord would be.
    1- What does our Lord mean when He says “lukewarm”? What’s the difference between “hot”,”cold”, and “lukewarm”? How does one become “hot” in their faith?
    2- How did our precious Saviors church get to a place where He says about His bride to be Rev.3:16 – you make me want to vomit? – (1692 eméō – properly, vomit; (figuratively) repulsed, showing utter rejection (desiring total separation); “to reject with extreme disgust”)
    3- Was this” lukewarm” condition of which the end times church finds herself a sudden occurrence, or was this a condition that has been progressing over generations?
    4- Is this “lukewarm” condition the result the adversary’s strategy? If so what does this strategy look like? and how was he able to implement it to the degree we see today, where the oneness among His Body that He so earnestly desires has never been so distant? John17:11. And then perhaps most importantly,
    5- Since our Lord foresaw this condition, and it does not take Him by surprise. Does He have a plan for awakening and energizing His Body, so that His Body can once again fulfill His eternal purpose for which she was born? in order to function as a vessel that reflects His Light, Life, Love, and Glory?


    Our Lords current agenda centers on a revelation by the Holy Spirit to these “equipping gifts” of exactly what His strategy is for reviving His church today, and perhaps even more importantly, what are His ways for accomplishing this work? We start this journey exactly where His disciples started in Math 16:13-19 where Jesus is revealed as the Messiah to His disciples. The “keys of the kingdom that our Lord spoke of are centered on one primary, foundational key, -which is always a daily revelation in our spirit, not our intellect, of-
    1- Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?
    2- Why did He choose to come to this earth and die for our sins?
    3- When He completed His work on our behalf, what did He accomplish for us as His children? Was it primarily to get us a ticket to Heaven? Or was this just the beginning of discovering His perfect love and riches that He wants us to fully access while we reside on this earth? So that we would be recipients of the abundant life He spoke of.
    4- As a result of His finished work on the cross, who does He desire to be in our hearts? What does this look like in real time? If you’re not sure on that one, your wife, family, and those closest to you, will be invaluable assets to help you. (much more on this subject to come)
    5- Perhaps most importantly what are His ways for pulling this off? remember Moses in Ex 33:13, The Lord had a special thing going with Moses, because Moses was one of the few who sought His face, to know Him and His ways, all the others sought His hand, (not His Face) and His works (not His ways). Understanding His ways for accomplishing His works are just as important as the works. (maybe even more important)

    As the Lord begins to move on His chosen instruments, (many of whom ceased building with “wood, hay, and straw” years ago), we will have both seen and realized the incredible value that our Lord places on “taking up our cross daily” “and learning to adopt His attitude” to wait on Him, in order to empty ourselves to become nothing (Phil. 2:5), so that He can be everything in us- our waiting will not have been in vain. These vessels will have both seen and experienced the necessity of continually developing their capacity to hear His voice (discern what is of Him or not) Heb. 5:14 1Cor 2:15, -so that we can stay focused on the “one thing” mentioned in Phil. 3:13. The enemy of our souls has had a consistent strategy against the church from the beginning, that is to keep all Christians in an infant stage of spiritual growth so that he can keep us divided, and manageable Eph. 4:14, 1 Cor.1. He does this by getting us away from the “one thing” which is the one basic foundational aspect of living the Christian life. His strategy is to keep us from full maturity in Christ, and then to keep our focus on secondary issues, and other things, many of which appear to be very worthwhile. It’s amazing how simple and effective this strategy has been over the years.
    If you took all the Christian teaching ever taught through the ages, and were able to condense it down to the one most critical truth taught in all the Word you would wind up with “one thing” Phil. 3:13 (which is the attainment by faith, of a greater measure of Christ daily), -“Christ in you, the hope of glory” Col 1:27) through a revelation of the Holy Spirit, according to His word. When Paul got saved on the Damascus road the first thing he asked the Lord was, “what do you want me to do? Acts 22:10. Yet at the end of His life facing imminent execution we see Paul boldly proclaiming, “one thing I do” Phil:3”13. If you haven’t yet received an experiential/revelation and understanding through the Holy Spirit of what this means, then I urge you to go to the Lord, humble yourself, maybe cease building in His kingdom with wood, hay, and straw? And ask Him to begin to develop your capacity to hear His voice “in the moment” in the little things in your life. This starts with how I treat those closest to me, most importantly my wife and family. (Eph.5)
    The end result of understanding, and living out in daily life the principles described in the concept of “one thing” will always result in the Headship of our Lord becoming a living reality in His body here on earth. (Eph.4:13) As a result, His body will begin to function “as one, in love” as our Lord designed. Keeping their focus on the Lord daily, walking in love with each other, and conducting their lives based on daily revelation from the Head, through His Spirit according to His Word, instead of looking to “good ideas” originating in the minds of men. When this happens, the result will always be that the world will be drawn to Christ because of our love for each other (John 13:35). This is in direct contrast with what we see today in the Lukewarm church, where there is a consistent state of disorder, and disunity because the members of His body are looking to each other and else ware for direction, instead of looking to the Head, who is Christ. When we act independently from the Head, we will always produce a state of disorder and chaos within His body. In the natural realm good analogy of this principle can be found in a professional symphonic orchestra, such as the top rated Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra. As the members of the orchestra perform, each member is looking to the conductor for direction, resulting in beautiful music. If the members are looking to each other, or else ware instead of the conductor, the result will be disorder, disunity and a very limited ability to make beautiful music.

    In closing I would ask you to be in prayer for the leaders of His Church today, specifically that we would humble ourselves, and confess that, as His body we are missing the mark. So that we could then, begin to learn His ways, and cease limiting His ability to work through us, in order to fulfill our Lords deep desire that we would be one in Him. Sometimes we are blind to our own unknown affinity to prefer ourselves, and our good ideas, over His revelation of Christ. 2 Cor. 6:12. This little note is simply the opening salvo of our Lords ongoing efforts to “seek and save that which has been lost”. He has an ongoing perfect strategy in place for those who have ears to hear. Stay tuned to Him!

    a hidden voice in the desert – summer 2020

  • Interesting you’d point the purchased sermons at the end. Our church pastor is doing nearly everything on the article’s list plus buying all sermons and I’ve discovered something many of the pastors like this do, and that is buy online outlines/sermons. Seems to me they lack discernment and faith in the Holy Spirit being able to provide the message they’ll need for their flock. Lazy way out really. Truly sad so many pastors do this now.

  • Hi this is Pauline Iwas threatened by aPastor at the church.iamgoingto quite the church can you help me thank you dear God bless you

    • Pauline Fraser says on

      Hi this is Pauline have a question should I go back to church when Ihave been threatened.thank you God bless you dear.

      Should Igo back to church when the Pastor has threatened me.

      • Anthony Grant says on

        I wouldn’t if I were you, that’s like getting fire off you and going back into said fire

    • I think, you should go back. Because you’re not going for any Pastor or any man. You’re going to feed your spirit and to protect your soul (emotions, desires and thoughts). If again he’ll do the same thn in a very polite manner you can warn them not to do that again, tell him that you love him and respect him. Always remember whatever he is doing it’s not with you, but he is doing with the Christ within you. God bless you

  • Annonymous says on

    Spot on, Thom. The last “pastor” (if that’s what he was) exhibited these traits, and I would place the word “ with/of/about money” at the end of each sentence. I’ve never experienced this level of greed by a pastor during my 33 years of ministry.
    The church struggled with paying salaries and bills, and there was NO money for evangelism or programs. More than once my/our health insurance was canceled, because they “forgot” to pay the bill. Early in my time there at the church I suggested a full financial audit, because bookkeeping was a disaster. Because of my suggestion the pastor did not talk to me for 3 weeks. He was pastor at this same church for 30 years.
    Ironically, as the pastor resigned the giving increased!
    A word about the preaching: all sermons were purchased, and read word for word each Sunday. Word for word!

  • cassandra allen says on

    I had a feeling but didn’t want to believe it even tried to encourage change but was basically laughed at recently and it hurt but my faith will go strong for ever! so something good came out of it .. scattering of sheep is the worst and no one saw it the way i did bullying and hurting is not what god is … love without love we are nothing

  • All people here need healing and to build themselves and their relationship with God. You cannot control anyone but yourself and your reactions towards others. Anything that triggers you is what you need healing from (hurt feelings) and bullying should not stop you from doing God’s work. I dont want to sound mean.. but how can you help anyone by complaining about problems you can easily get through if you used gods boldness? Find a spiritual church everyone obviously being attacked spiritually.. is this religion or spirituality? We fight against things we cannot see.. these people obviously are spirited out how they’re acting and using God’s word like that when it’s not even of him. Learn how to pray and fight back especially when dealing with these spirits in the flesh. When God’s boldness is used.. all will listen and those spirits won’t b able to speak.. they too will b silenced. We are all supposed to be warriors for God.. hurt feelings are a personal problem ok? Why do you doubt where you’re going after this life if you are saved? Use the spirit to teach you and guide you it will show u what u need to do for urself. You can’t b focusing on hateful things from people obviously not of God. Especially if we can’t handle it and seek answers from anyone other than god! God is always speaking to his people and his people will hear him! Humble yourselves before the lord and ask for his spirit.
    Spirituality is every day.. religion is something else. We are to build spiritual churches and grow closer to God with his spirit. With God what are we to fear? No demon is stronger than him. It’s you thats lacking and needs to grow closer to him and if you want to help im telling you how. With God you have nothing to fear! Faith is being tested.. do you know him and trust him? Are you listening when he’s speaking? Can’t take on battles if you aren’t prepared to fight spiritually and you will go thru trials and we will suffer for others but we don’t do it for ourselves! Sometimes you need to b the example and show others what strength is and who God is even if u stand alone. What do u have to fear with God.. nothing could hurt you. Everyone would be getting served up by karma infront of your eyes if they did that to a godly person. You speak his word and try your best to do what you know and if tbat doesn’t work.. you talk to God and give it to him to deal with knowing you did all you could and let him show you what he does! Others will see too and anyone to judge you or act some type of way.. who cares when u got God! This ain’t no walk in the park people.. we are battling demons . This world is wicked and people choose to b that way! I go towards the things that scare me.. not ignorantly but because I know myself and no words from a demon are going to stop me when I know god and I seen what he has done and how wonderful he really is. We are all his children and we all deserve chances but wicked ones misusing his word can easily b shut down using God’s boldness. I am worried for Christians everywhere.. many are lacking the spirit when they should all b strong in it! I am just learning the Bible and scriptures.. but apparently I had the spirit for a while because God likes character. If you are who u say u are.. ask for his spirit to help u and u will b taught. What do u have to fear when u wall wit God? It’s not easy.. you will b tested and all the things these spirits trigger u by. Is what u need to work on in urself and build ueself so it won’t affect u as much. God will help u get stronger but until then.. work on urself. It is out of ur control but atleast u know what to pray against.
    This is spiritual warfare.. protect yourself if such things are harming you.. thats on you! He gave us the tools now use them! Put on the armor of God and ask God for his spirit to teach u. Wake up people.. he is always speaking and he is everywhere but learn to listen and learn yourself we all have gifts. No demon can speak against him and his word when used wit boldness. God likes character.. no fooling him. It’ll take as long as you take.. but if God can use a donkey.. LOL. He can use anyone when it comes to assisting his people ok? He can do it all but it’s on us if we lack faith and belief in the miracles he can do.
    Search pastor John ramirez spiritual warfare. Humble urself before the lord and listen to his testimony. God can perform miracles and this pastor doesn’t lie to kick it about where he’s from, things he’s did and what he knows from the dark side of things. If that man can go thru all of that.. well you get the idea. You already have his grace if these r the only problems u have. B thankful already especially if ur noticing injustices and how wrong it it.. but if u really want to help it aint an easy task but God will help u do anything. Evil doesn’t win in this world.. even if it seems like it is. Pray for your enemies that they realize what they’re doing and change. Learn how to use prayer as ur weapon and put on God’s armor daily.. things won’t affect u the way they do now if u remember that. “For we fight against the things that cannot b seen.” It’s not them.. its a spirit. Forgive them.. something must have happened how they learned to b so evil.. or maybe their God is the devil. You are being protected already just by noticing things aren’t right. Spirit already there.. your characters aren’t changed.. jus hurting.. listen to him speak he’s everywhere learn ur spiritual senses ask for confirmation ask him to teach u and help u. He will show u how.. to live is to suffer.. like sheep to a slaughter we will b killed daily.. its not us that is the problem we too will b hated and judged. Gonna happen anyway obviously we chose how we want to be.. how our character is. If God can die for me I can atleast handle it for him lol

    • Hi I am dealing with spiritual warfare in my church, and this message was really good for me to hear, it really encouraged me, all I kno to do is keep running my race, keep my eyes on Jesus, keep persevering , praying and studying Gods word.
      Thank you!
      Sherry. God Bless!!

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