My COVID Manifesto for My Church

November 16, 2020

I love my church, and I will not stop believing God has full control of this congregation.

When everything seems in COVID chaos, I will remember He is always in control.


I love my church, and I will pray for my pastor every day.

Pastors are confronted with decisions and conflict daily. I will pray for them regularly.


I love my church, and I will not get into fights and feuds over masks and similar issues.

When I act like Christ, I always put others before myself.


I love my church, and I will attend faithfully.

Now is the time for the body of Christ to come together. I will be a part of that reunion.


I love my church, and I will continue to support her.

I will give abundantly and serve joyfully. My commitment will not wane in trying times.


I love my church, and I will point others to my congregation.

I will invite people enthusiastically and be a gospel bearer every week.


I love my church, and I will not engage in gossip and negative conversations.

When others attempt to engage me, I will walk away or offer positive words instead.


I love my church, and I will be an encourager to others.

I will intentionally encourage through spoken words, notes, and social media.


I love my church, because Christ loves my church.

My commitment is firm in good times and in the stresses of COVID.

I truly believe God has a better future for my congregation.

In His power and strength, I will be a part of it.


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  • Kindly send me “Leading a covid 19 church”

  • You are a blessing to the body of Christ as He uses your gifts of exhortation,pastor and teacher among ithers!

  • Thom I would like permission to copy your My COVID Manifesto for My Church-“I love my church” and use it in our church bulletin to remind the church to be the church in a lost world.
    David Piper
    Flora Vista, New Mexico

  • If a person “puts others before himself”–WHY would he NOT wear a mask? Masks (not just a cloth covering) reduce not only a person’s possibility of contracting the virus, BUT the possibility of a person unknowingly (asymptomatic, to use the ’50-cent word) transmitting the virus to others.
    To put it simply: IF a person wants to put the Second Commandment into action–Love one another and wear a mask for all of us.

  • Thom, thank you so much for this. I am remotely pastoring a church in London while being physically located in Fort Worth. We are planning to move to England when support raising and COVID allow. The church just re-opened on OCT 05 after seven months. Five weeks later they were forced to close again and the second shutdown is proving worse than the first. The church is passionate about the Lord’s mission and feels that the means to minister are no longer available. These are encouraging words that I may share with them this week. Thank you again.

  • Retweet. Like. Thumbs up. Hearts. This is the spirit of John 17 we need more than ever!