Ten Reasons We Are Starting Revitalize Network


Think about it: Churches working together joyously for the greater health of all churches.

Think about it: Churches with some level of health and resources helping churches that are struggling.

Think about it: Churches across North America, and ultimately the world, growing healthier and making a profound difference in their communities.

Those are some of the prayers I have as we begin a new non-profit venture called Revitalize Network. I am praying God will use all the churches, organizations, and individuals who come together to make this movement a reality in His power.

So, why are we starting Revitalize Network? As a starter, allow me to share ten reasons.

  1. We have hope for congregations across North American and the world. Some people may have given up on specific local churches, but we are convinced God still has a plan for them.
  2. Many healthier churches desire to help those churches that are struggling. The churches and their leaders realize, by working together, we are really being obedient to both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
  3. We desire to work together joyfully. The world often sees churches and believers fighting online and in their congregations. We pray that Revitalize Network will be a place of hope, unity, and joy. We pray the churches that work together in the network will be known by what they are for more than what they are against.
  4. Somewhere between 75% and 90% of all churches need some level of revitalization. The need is great. The opportunity is before us.
  5. Many churches do not have the resources to move toward revitalization. It is our prayer soon to be helping thousands of churches every year.
  6. Church health is a local issue. Churches are revitalized when God works through a local congregation in a local context. Through resources, consulting, and coaching, we pray that we can work side-by-side with local churches.
  7. When churches are revitalized, communities are changed for the better. And when communities change, culture is transformed. This movement is thus not just about revitalizing churches, but churches transforming communities and the world.
  8. Pastors and other church leaders need hope. We prayerfully seek to be a source of hope and encouragement for them. Many are discouraged. Some are depressed. And some are even suicidal.
  9. Churches working together toward revitalization is an incredible witness to the world. The simple gospel act of churches working together will have a profound impact on the watching world.
  10. We desire to bring glory to God through church revitalization. In terms of priority, this reason is number one. It is why Revitalize Network exists.

You might detect I am a bit excited about this ministry. Indeed, I am. It is my prayer we will become more than an organization, but a movement used by God to transform churches and the world.

Check us out at RevitalizeNetwork.org. We have only just begun.

Posted on September 10, 2018

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.
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  • Churches should switch to a different model that is biblically aligned.
    see My Dream Church https://sites.google.com/site/mydreamchurch/

    The current model for pastor directed churches says that the senior pastor is the priest – this is Old Testament.
    The New Testament model that churches should follow, says Every Believer is a Priest.

    1. Structure: the structure of My Dream Church is based on the New Testament ‘Body Of Christ’
    model and not on the Old Testament hierarchical model.
    2. Anointing: Every believer is a priest in the new covenant.
    3. Biblical: submission to the Word in My Dream Church will be at a higher level
    than submission to leaders
    4. Leaders should have secular jobs:
    5. Finances: Giving not Tithing. Transparency in finances
    6. Praise and Worship is congregational:
    7. Looking sideways (practical love):
    8. Women are not silenced:

    This model is not original and is old – but it is appropriate for the megachurch and also for the persecuted church.

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