The Danger of Envying Another Church and How It Affects You


Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’ve looked at another church or pastor with envy.

It’s that spark of elation you feel when first hearing about a mega-platform pastor falling—envy. I’ve felt the flicker of “I knew it!” without even knowing the person. Envy must be stomped out.

Church envy happens at the local level as well. Some will look at the church with the bigger budget or more talented staff and believe pragmatism must be driving the success, not the Holy Spirit. Some pastors will attack the largest church in town simply because it’s the largest. These same pastors likely have never visited the church nor met with the leadership. For most of us, it’s envy that drives the bashing.

What are the dangers of church envy?

Envy causes resentment. What is a key signal for envy? When you’re unhappy that others are happy, you’re likely guilty. To covet is to be discontent with what God has given you and to want something someone else has. To envy is to resent the person for having it. When you scoff at salvation reports from another church, you not only resent that church, you are dangerously close to resenting the gospel.

Envy triggers restlessness. A constant negative focus on other pastors and churches produces restlessness in your ministry. When you are green with envy for another church, the grass will always be greener at a place other than your current church.

Envy drains your energy. Do you need to see something wrong with another pastor? If so, it’s envy. Envy drains you of what’s positive and fills you with self-pity. Pastors filled with self-pity are often lethargic and caustic, a deadly combination for leading a church.

Envy poisons gratitude. It’s difficult to be thankful for what you have when you’re internally griping about what you don’t have. Pastors who make constant comparisons out of envy will not enjoy their ministries.

Envy clouds your vision. Envy pulls your heart away from God’s calling in your local church. When your heart is not in it, you lose your passion. When you lose your passion, you lose your vision. It’s impossible to know where to lead your church if you’re envious of another church.

Leadership envy remains hidden for most leaders. The reason is that envy is petty. And we know it. So we internalize the sin while it slowly eats at us. Envy may be the biggest reason why some pastors become shells of their former selves. At the same time, envy may be the least discussed leadership sin.

Posted on December 1, 2021

As President of Church Answers, Sam Rainer wears many hats. From podcast co-host to full-time Pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Sam’s heart for ministry and revitalization are evident in all he does.
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  • Ironically, envy is often based in imagination as opposed to reality. People imagine something they don’t have is better than what they do have – instead of realizing that the other is different. The “thing” may be better but not just because it is different.

    Church “X” is better because it it bigger isn’t always true. Each church stands on its own merit and its own portion of God’s community. I have heard some pastors comment, upon taking a new position that was their “dream job,” the new “better” was nearly as dysfunctional as the former except in different ways. The problem is, no matter how dedicated and faithful we are, we are still filled with sin, and make decisions based on wants as opposed to needs.

  • Charlie Moulton says on

    Well written Sam. Thank you!