When Pastors Need a Pastor

The pastor saw me walking in the hallway of the church yesterday, and he quickly stopped me for a brief chat. I knew something was wrong. He told me that his elderly father was sick, and that he was worried. Struggling to hold back tears, he said, “I’m still an eight-year-old little boy when I think of my dad. I would do anything for him.”

I offered words of consolation, probably insufficient, and a promise of prayer. He then departed quickly.

You see, other people wanted to talk to him. They wanted their pastor to hear about their hurts. They wanted him to minister to them. And he did so gladly.  He loves his congregation dearly. And though the pastor is hurting deeply, he does not hesitate to pour himself out for those God has called him to serve.

Shortly after he left me, he preached two more sermons. He preached with passion. He preached as a man who totally loves his church.

He did all of this even though his own heart was heavy and his emotions were raw.

After all, he is a pastor.

Looking for an Army of Pastors to Pastors

The expectations of a pastor are always high. Most are expected to omnipresent, omniscience, and always energetic and ready to serve. But these men are people with their own limitations and their own struggles. They hurt just like the rest of us, sometimes more than the rest of us.

What if every pastor had a number of people in his church who committed to be pastors to their pastor?  These “pastors” would not be the same as those who have the specific call of God and the qualifications noted in 1 Timothy 3. Instead they would include a host of “regular” folks like you and me who love our pastors, and who want somehow to help them as they carry their own burdens and hurts.

A Modest Proposal

My proposal, at least for now, is very simple. I am encouraging and praying that thousands of men and women in congregations across America will commit to pray for their pastors every day. Such a time of prayer can be brief and concise. I pray for my pastor every day at the same of time with rare exception. Sometimes I pray for him for 10 minutes or more, but most of them time it’s a brief prayer of just a couple of minutes.

What if we became “pastors” to our pastors by praying for these men of God every day? What if millions of Christians in churches across the world would take on this intercessory ministry for our pastors? I can only imagine how pastors would be strengthened and, thus, churches would become healthier.

Will You Join Me?

I saw this pastor as he walked away from me yesterday. I knew his burden was heavy, so I prayed to the One who is able to carry all of our burdens. I prayed that God would comfort him, his dad, and his family. And I prayed that God would give him strength to be the shepherd to rest of us.

Will you join me? Will you consider setting aside just a couple of minutes a day to pray for your pastor? Will you encourage others to do so? Will you be part of a movement of care, concern, and intercession for these men who pour out their hearts to us every day?

Feel free to make any comments, but I would especially like to hear from you who will commit to pray for your pastor. Simply say something like “I will pray.” Or you might even mention your pastor by name.

Thank God for our pastors.

They pour out their lives for those they have been called to serve.

The least we can do is to pray for them a few minutes every day. 

Posted on March 5, 2012

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.
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  • Thanks for sharing this today. My family and I love serving God under our pastors lead and will be praying for him. He is Pastor Shawn Wiebers of Crosspointe Church of Ada, OK.

  • Tom Woods says on

    We have just called a new pastor to our church. I know that it has been very difficult for him and his entire family to leave a congregation that he has shepherded for 16 years. It has been a burden on my heart to realize the sacrifice his family has made. It is for that reason that I intend to make sure our deacons have a copy of your article and that we become more aware of the requirements we have to continually pray for and lift up our pastor and his family. Thank you for this great reminder.

  • I will pray for my pastors.

  • Michael Cassity says on

    Dr. Rainer, the sentiment you expressed in this article is exactly why I invited you to speak at the alabama Baptist pastor’s conference in November. Thanks

  • As a pastor who revels in blessing other pastors…
    As a pastor who has been refreshed by the loving, personal ministry of other pastors…
    As a pastor who has been blessed through the gracious, kind brotherhood of many laymen…
    I am so thankful for your call herein, Dr. Rainer.
    Brother Pastors, may God provide you numerous, trustworthy, accountable, mentoring relationships to feed & guard your souls.
    Christ Followers, may you be of such character & heart to offer yourself to your pastor as a friend, counselor, advisor, & encourager.

  • Yolanda Polanco says on

    I will pray for my Pastor, Herb Cotton!

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