Which Denominations Are the Grayest? (The Youngest Will Surprise You)

Demographics is destiny. And when it comes to American Protestant Christianity, the future looks a lot grayer.

Over the last few years, I’ve been invited to speak and present data about American religion to various religious organizations and churches across the United States. It’s always enjoyable to see how different church buildings are laid out and examine the configuration of worship spaces. However, I don’t just observe the physical building when I enter one of these spaces; I also take a look at the people attending the events. You can learn a lot by watching a group of people for a few minutes. You can quickly discern whether the area is blue-collar or white-collar, predominantly white or more racially diverse, and oftentimes, the political leanings of the individuals in the pews.

I have two easily identifiable characteristics that I look for above all else now, though. It’s pretty simple—gray hair

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