Why We Are Launching Church Answers University



It is our dream that everyone who desires to be trained and educated for vocational and lay ministry will be able to do so.

It is our dream that this education and training should be affordable, accessible, and attainable.

It is our dream that this education could be completed in nine months.

It is our dream that this training and education will not sacrifice quality and will be accepted by churches and Christian organizations with enthusiasm.

The dream is about to become a reality on August 1, 2022. It is called Church Answers University.

Where God Planted the Seeds of the Dream

In conversations with a Ugandan Christian leader, we discovered that many Ugandan pastors could not get ministry training and education for several reasons. In concert with the Ugandan leadership, Church Answers began to develop what would soon become Church Answers University.

Then we discovered pastors in other East African countries had a similar need. Then we heard from other African pastors. Then Australian pastors. Then pastors in several European countries. Then pastors in some Asian countries. Then pastors in America.

We also heard from other church staff persons beyond the role of the pastor, including key church lay leaders.

The demand and desire were much greater than we imagined. God was doing something beyond our dreams.

The Dream Becomes a Reality

As we began to develop Church Answers University, we knew that the education had to be of the highest quality. We began to recruit some leading scholars and leaders to write and teach.

We also knew the training had to be accessible, so we naturally decided on digital delivery. Church Answers University had to be affordable, so most of us worked for little to no compensation. As a result, we developed a complete certification in ministry for only $1,900. The price includes all of the courses and all of the textbooks. Tyndale Publishing has graciously agreed to provide ten textbooks and a New Living Translation Bible for every student.

To meet the needs of our students, Church Answers University also had to be attainable, which meant most of the students needed to complete the entire certification in less than a year. Our program is designed to be completed in nine months.

The Future Is Now

In just a few days, Church Answers University will be a reality. While many people will continue to be trained at degree-granting institutions, we anticipate tens of thousands of people will opt to go the route of certification. We are blessed to be at the forefront of this movement.

Church Answers University will open with a certificate in Christian ministry for any student. We will also begin with a certificate in women’s discipleship. I am convinced that both of these certifications will be instruments to change the world for God’s glory.

Join the movement. Join the future.

It’s called Church Answers University.


You can learn more about Church Answers University by visiting the CAU certification page now! 

CAU Certifications


You can donate towards a scholarship for a pastor or ministry leader to attend Church Answers University through our nonprofit, Revitalize Network, here:

Donate a scholarship


Posted on July 18, 2022

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