You Are My Pastor

You are my pastor.

You spend hours each week preparing a message for me.

You are faithful each week, even if life has been tough for you.


You are my pastor.

You told me about a Savior named Jesus.

I accepted him, and my life has been changed forever.


You are my pastor.

I woke you up at 1:00 am to tell you my son was in a terrible automobile accident.

You were sitting next to me in the hospital within an hour.


You are my pastor.

You were there for me when my marriage was on the rocks.

I never thanked you for the hours you spent with both of us.


You are my pastor.

I asked you to pray for me, and you did.

I got a glimpse of your prayer list with so many names on it.


You are my pastor.

I criticized you for something you did not deserve.

I realized I was one of the many criticisms you get every month.


You are my pastor.

I saw the hours you invested in that family.

They ended up leaving the church because they “weren’t getting fed.”


You are my pastor.

I see the exhaustion on your face regularly.

You are trying to meet the needs of your own family and your church family.


You are my pastor.

You recently preached at the funeral of one of your close friends.

I saw the tears you tried to hide as you ministered to the family.


You are my pastor.

I am amazed at how you love the members of our church.

You will laugh with a child, and you will hug a senior saint without a second thought.


You are my pastor.

This week you took a new family in town to lunch.

You love reaching people outside the walls of our church.


You are my pastor.

You could have taken another line of work with higher pay and shorter hours.

But you decided to answer a calling rather than accept a job.


You are my pastor.

I rarely say thank you or tell you how much I appreciate you.

But I do. I really do love you and appreciate you.


You are my pastor.


And I thank God that you are.

Posted on October 24, 2022

With nearly 40 years of ministry experience, Thom Rainer has spent a lifetime committed to the growth and health of local churches across North America.
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  • Larry Webb says on

    I love this tribute to “My Pastor” when I got saved I thought what an easy job a pastor had because they only worked 2 days a week. Now I know better! I feel the call into ministry and eagerly watch and read everything CA puts out.
    I am looking forward to doing a certification in Christian Ministry when finances will allow. Your organization inspires me. Thanks!

  • Michelle Harewood says on

    Thank you, Thom. I will share this with my husband who is truly deserving of this.

    • Thom Rainer says on

      Please express my gratitude to your husband for his ministry and service. I am also grateful to you. You are obviously an encourager and supporter yourself.

  • John Babu Chappidi says on

    Greetings to you from John Babu,
    First of all thank you for your thoughts, I love your love and respect for pastors,

  • Thom,
    After 25 years of pastoral ministry, I felt your words spoke directly to me. Every line applies to my present context and practice and is greatly appreciated. Much of what you highlighted is rarely visible to the average member. Thus, those areas of pastoral ministry often go unnoticed and unappreciated. That’s why I celebrate pastors who remain faithful and resist the urge to withdraw from the pastoral ministry before God offers a green light for departure from a church (for another church) or pastoral ministry (for another calling or retirement). Pastors should read your words and feel grateful to serve in pastoral ministry and encouraged by each line of appreciative expression.
    Again, your words are very timely and appreciated.

  • Stephen Benefield says on

    Thanks for that. It was simple, beautiful, and true.

    My dad has pastored the same church for nearly 46 years, and this really hit home for me.

  • William A. Secrest says on

    That was awesome to read and so true.