Episode 8: At The Table with Julia B. Higgins on Biblical Literacy and Women Bible Teachers

Episode #008
December 23, 2022

Julia B. Higgins joins us At The Table to discuss why we need women Bible teachers in the church and how the beauty and depth of Scripture never gets old. She helps to give some practical tools on how to get started in teaching the Bible, and reminds listeners that God has given us everything we need to study, understand, and bring others alongside us in Bible studies, mentoring, and discipleship.

Check out her new book, “Empowered and Equipped: Bible Exposition for Women Who Teach the Scriptures.” 

Julia B. Higgins serves as assistant professor of Ministry to Women and associate dean of Graduate Program Administration at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She teaches in the Ministry to Women degree programs at Southeastern, with her ministry focus being college-aged and adult women. Her passion is equipping women to teach the Bible and to serve the local church. She co-edited and contributed to “The Whole Woman: Ministering to Her Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength” (B&H, 2021) and authored “Empowered and Equipped: Bible Exposition for Women Who Teach the Scriptures” (B&H Academic, 2022).

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