Episode 44: At The Table with Jacki C. King: Season Recap and Final Challenge

Episode #044
December 8, 2023

Join Jacki C. King for a season two recap and final challenge as we revisit the transformative moments that have shaped our understanding of leadership. In a world where imposter syndrome often creeps in, we unravel the misconception that we don’t belong, affirming that each of us is a leader with unique gifts and influence. 

Through spiritual gifts tests, StrengthsFinder, genograms, and personality assessments, we guide you in uncovering your passions and gifts, exploring how they intersect and stand out. As we conclude this season, we present the challenge to continue growing and developing, distinguishing between charisma and character, talent and calling. Discover resources like Church Equip or Church Answers University courses and Propel Worship Ministry to foster your faithfulness to God. 

Embrace the truth that wherever you are is where God wants you, and as you continue to run hard after Him, trust the journey ahead.

Helpful Resources:

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