Episode 39: At The Table with Amanda Chapman: The Church – Worship Leadership

Episode #039
November 3, 2023

Today worship leader and songwriter, Amanda Chapman, joins us. She shares her insights on handling criticism and the tension that arises from leading worship while maintaining a personal walk after God’s heart. It’s a delicate dance between the spotlight and the quiet moments of intimacy with God.

Whether you’re a worship leader, a musician, or simply seeking to lead a more authentic life, Amanda’s wisdom and experiences will resonate with you. Tune in as we harmonize faith, personal growth, and leadership in this inspiring conversation.

Amanda Chapman is a worship leader and songwriter from Arlington, Texas. She co-founded My Strength & My Song, a music ministry whose mission is to point women to Jesus through music and God’s Word. She’s been married to an Aussie, Mark, for 22 years, and they have 5 pretty amazing kids.

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