3 Important Lessons About Side Gigs | Guest: Taylor Standridge

Episode #12
October 14, 2020

27% of side hustlers rely on that income to cover monthly bills. Nearly one-third of side hustlers are over 54 years old. You didn’t see what one coming, did you? In this episode, we are looking at the income side of the financial equation. We are talking about side gigs. 

Here are the questions we answer:

Question 1: How can I bring in more income to get rid of debt, build a cushion, and an emergency fund for my family?

Question 2: Are there any unique Covid-19 opportunities?

Question 3: What is the best approach to saving for kids post high school with the potential move away from college and towards trades?

Additional Notes:

3 Important Lessons About Side Gigs:

  1. Figure out what you are passionate about.
  2. Decide how much you can handle in your schedule.
  3. Make sure you are withholding taxes.

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