5 Good Ways to Spend Money

Episode #53
July 28, 2021

Give generously. Save wisely. Live appropriately. That’s the 3-step financial pattern we see in the Bible. And most of the time, we talk about those first two steps—give generously and save wisely. In this episode, Art answers listener questions, including one about living appropriately and spending money.

Here are the questions we answer:

Question 1: You say give generously, save wisely, and live appropriately. What does it mean to live appropriately, and what are some good ways to spend my money?

Question 2: What do you think about USDA loans?

Question 3: What is one thing you would do differently as a parent, and one thing you wouldn’t change?

Additional Notes:

  1. Others
  2. Health
  3. Experiences
  4. Knowledge
  5. Time

The Essential Emergency Binder

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