15 Digital Tools Every Church Needs: A Special Three-Part Series – Part 1: The Basics

Episode #SP004
July 15, 2022
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Thom and Sam take the listeners through a three-part series detailing essential digital tools for the church. Some will be expected; others may not be. In each of the 15 categories, Thom and Sam are likely to provide you with insights you have not heard before. In this first part of the series, they look at 5 basic tools every church needs.

1. Website

2. Social media

3. Church management software

4. Church giving solutions

5. Church leaders connection center




Episode Sponsor:

  • Churchteams is a full software suite for managing all the things that keep you up at night, letting you get back to what’s most important – making disciples and building teams.
  • Included in this useful software suite is the Text-to-Church feature. Text-to-Church is a cutting-edge tool for engaging the Churchteams software with your church. Imagine a church member texting the church office number with the word “Give”, “VBS”, “Camp”, “Connect”, “Check-in”, “Bible”, or “Directory” and being able to engage in the life of your church.