A Special Four-Part Series with Brown Church Development Group: How to Increase Attendance and Align Ministries with Your Church Facility – Part 2: Dealing with Patchwork and Worn-Out Facilities

Episode #SP010
November 11, 2022
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Here is the complete guide for taking your church facilities from worn and patchwork to exciting and ministry aligned. In just four short podcasts, you will likely learn more about church facilities than you have in years. Todd Brown of  Brown Church Development Group joins Sam and Thom to discuss this critical ministry need. This podcast series may prove to be one of the most important you have heard.

Do you have patchwork and worn-out facilities? You will not want to miss this episode!

  • The second challenge you mentioned frequently encountering was incongruent or patchwork facilities.  Why do you think this is so common?
  • So you believe a discovery process before designing or building is critical.  What steps do you suggest a church take after the discovery process?
  • What about an existing facility or a multi-level facility that didn’t have a master plan when they were built?  What should they do? Can you make a Master Plan for an existing facility?


Todd Brown is the CEO of Brown Church Development Group. He is responsible for providing the overall leadership for the company. In 1988, after completing his career as a Nebraska Cornhusker and professional football player, Todd returned to his hometown of Holdrege, NE, to join his father, Jim, who began Brown Construction in 1962. Todd took full control of the operation in 2000. Under Todd’s leadership, the company has completed hundreds of commercial and church projects in 15 States. 

Brown Construction leads the industry in redefining the typical construction process. The Brown commitment is a customer promise to walk through the construction process, keeping it simple, clear, and to the point.




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