Altar Calls, the Perfect Pastoral Work Week, and Other Listener Questions

Episode #478
October 23, 2018
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Podcast Episode #478

We get a lot of questions here at Rainer on Leadership. Today, we take some time to talk about vacations with church members, altar calls, and the perfect pastoral work week.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • You shouldn’t accept gifts from church members if it creates a quid pro quo situation.
  • Pastor search committees often overstate the opportunity and the willingness of a church to change.
  • Pastors, do not compromise your doctrine just to get a job.
  • Have time built into your calendar for things that energize you.

The questions we answer this time are:

There are a number of examples of calling for a response at the end of the sermon. What is some practical advice on “landing the plane” and calling your congregation to respond to the sermon?

I have some members of the church I pastor who have asked me to go on vacation with them, all expenses paid. I want to know if there are any ethical issues with this, and how it should be handled. These are members I spend a fair amount of time with outside of church. We ride bicycles together, and share meals together. They are also leaders in the church. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Right now I’m looking at finishing up my last year of seminary in and have my eyes out for potential ministry opportunities God might be leading me to. Are there any warning signs I should be looking out for when considering to pastor a new church? Are there any sure fire deal breakers in your mind?

Until recently (due to additions of two new deacons who put a stop to it), our church elders freely gave out funds to just about anyone who would ask. Many thousands of dollars over the years, given to people with no verifiable qualifications or ability to track where the money went. Sadly, two of the elders recently quit and switched churches because they considered the new deacons to be harsh and uncompassionate for wanting to put parameters in place. How do other churches deal with the benevolence ministry?

If you were designing the perfect work week for pastors, what would the breakdown of tasks and time be? (assuming, say, a 50-hour work week and a “simple church” model of ministry)

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