Autopsy of a Deceased Church

Episode #005
May 17, 2013
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Podcast Episode #005

When I first wrote An Autopsy of a Deceased Church, I thought it had potential to strike a chord with readers. I had no idea the response would be as overwhelming as it has been. Today deals with the three major themes that led to the death of a church I had consulted a decade ago. Those themes were:

  1. The church became inwardly focused.
  2. Self-centeredness won the day.
  3. The church forgot their mission.

In light of those themes, this week’s episode further explores the original post as well as the following topics related to church health:

  • The first step to evaluate your church’s health.
  • Why a pastor should not do church health evaluations on his own and why a team should be involved instead.
  • Advice on hiring church consultants. Should you or not?
  • Advice for the “good and faithful church member” who is part of a dying church and wants to see it revived.

Finally, don’t miss the discussion about church signage and visitors. I’ve written on this issue before (part one, part two), but it bears repeating: When a guest has a good experience, he or she is more likely to return. So be sure that your facilities are well-maintained and inviting.

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