Avoiding the Seven Ways to Hurt Your Pastor

Episode #067
August 15, 2014
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Podcast Episode #067

I am excited that our Fridays at ThomRainer.com will focus on my podcast, Rainer on Leadership. We will continue to offer free resources on different occasions. I am so thankful for the growth in both the blog and the podcast. I pray both will be a blessing to you.

We discuss one of the most popular posts from the past few months: Seven Ways to Hurt Your Pastor. I experienced every one of these in my pastorates. And if you are a pastor, I’m sure you have too. As we reflect on this post, we provide antidotes to these seven ways that church members hurt their pastor.

Here is a review of the seven ways:

  1. Criticize the pastor’s family. 
  2. Tell the pastor he is overpaid.
  3. Don’t defend the pastor. 
  4. Tell your pastor what an easy job he has. 
  5. Be a constant naysayer. 
  6. Make comments about the pastor’s expenditures. 
  7. Compare your pastor’s preaching and ministry unfavorably to that of another pastor.

To avoid these:

  1. Encourage the pastor’s family. 
  2. Thank the pastor for all that the pastor does at the church.
  3. Take a stand for your pastor. 
  4. Understand the number of hours a pastor puts in each week. 
  5. Encourage the pastor instead of being critical. 
  6. Don’t compare the pastor to the rare exceptions who live lavishly.
  7. Tell your pastor how the sermons impact your life.

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