Dealing with Power Groups in the Church

Episode #135
June 23, 2015
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Podcast Episode #135

On the podcast we discuss power groups—both positive and negative groups. I also found out something about Jonathan that I did not know before.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • I don’t think any pastor has ever served in a church where there wasn’t some form of a power group.
  • Gaining power for power’s sake is a problem.
  • Every power group thinks they are doing good for the church. Many times they aren’t.
  • Most power groups in the church are trying to return the church to an era that no longer exists.
  • When a negative power group exists in a church, align yourself with positive people.
  • Before confronting a negative power group in the church, ask for counsel from those whom you can trust.

The six keys to dealing with power groups in your church are:

  1. Discern if the issue is really power
  2. Try to understand motives
  3. Grasp the “berry bucket” theory”
  4. See if a direct approach will work (Matthew 18)
  5. Develop key alliances
  6. Determine if a work around or a confrontation will be best

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