Does Your Church Need a Mentoring Ministry? – An interview with Kevin Harris from Radical Mentoring

November 17, 2020
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On this episode of Rainer on Leadership, Thom and Sam are joined by Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring. We take some time to discuss how your church could benefit from a strong mentoring ministry. 

In 2002, Kevin Harris, underwent a dramatic change as husband, father, and Jesus-follower through his experience as a mentee in a Radical Mentoring group. He is now the President of Radical Mentoring, a non-profit focused on equipping churches and mentors with resources and coaching to create disciple-making environments where the next generation can develop deep relationships with God and others. Before joining Radical Mentoring, Kevin led a sales team at Wells Real Estate Funds and served in sales positions at CNL and Atlas Energy. He and his wife Susan have two boys and live in Atlanta, GA.

  • Why is it important for churches to have a mentoring ministry?
  • What is the difference between mentoring, discipleship, and leadership development?
  • What’s the ideal outline/process for disciple-making?
  • What makes mentoring groups successful?
  • What Kingdom impact are you seeing from the churches you serve?

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