Four Often Neglected Practices of Most Leaders

Episode #585
November 1, 2019
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Today Thom and Sam welcome Joel Wayne, lead pastor for Chapel Pointe in Hudsonville, Michigan, and author of Steer: Eight Practices to Drive Leadership. In this episode, Joel discusses four neglected practices of leaders trying to shape culture. Key learning is to address splinters before they become infectious. 

Four Often Neglected Practices of Most Leaders

  1. Shaping (Shifting) Culture
  2. Maintaining Motivation
  3. Establishing Default Settings
  4. Pulling Splinters

Other highlights:

  • In order to shape a culture, you have to know what you are shaping towards.
  • Every culture grows toward what feeds it.
  • We often begin meetings by critiquing things that are going bad. In order to change culture begin meetings by celebrating what is going well.
  • Remind your staff on a regular basis what God is doing in your midst.
  • Continual small nuggets of positive encouragement prevent you from having to come up with one big celebration.
  • Don’t wait to address problems that are blistering underneath the skin.
  • Splinters are potential infections. If you don’t address the splinter it will become a bigger problem later.

About Joel Wayne: 

Joel Wayne has spent twenty years improving leadership and cultivating a healthy culture within organizations and churches in Connecticut, Kentucky, and Michigan. He currently serves as lead pastor for Chapel Pointe in Michigan and is the founder of VSI Leadership, a business and leadership consulting group. Joel’s dynamic communication style conveys his enthusiasm for developing strong leaders focusing on VISION, STRATEGY, and IMPLEMENTATION to create an overall organizational reset. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and four children.


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