Helping Your Church Members Understand How Their Story is Intertwined with God’s Story: An Interview with The Chronological Bible Teaching Team

Episode #761
August 9, 2022
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Most Americans today read, but consume information via media and through storytelling. What does this mean for Bible reading and engagement? The Bible tells a story filled with themes and threads that connect us to Gods love and truth, but they can be hard to see for many reasons. The fact that most people have never read the Bible chronologically doesnt help. On today’s episode, Thom and Sam are joined by Stan May and Joel Strahan from the Chronological Bible Teaching team to discuss how reading the Bible chronologically can help us better understand how our story is intertwined with Gods story and why this is important for churches.

1. What is Chronological Bible Teaching?

2. How does reading the Bible Chronologically help us better understand the Bible?

3. Why did you want to create a One Year Chronological Study Bible

4. Is this only for personal study or could churches use this as well?

5. Is there resistance to reading the Bible in this way and if so how can pastors help their congregations better understand it and get excited about it?


Guests: Stan May, Board Chair and Trainer, Chronological Bible Teaching & Joel Strahan, Board Member and Trainer, Chronological Bible Teaching




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