How Involved Should a Minister Be in the Community?

Episode #145
July 28, 2015
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Podcast Episode #145

Discussion about ministry involvement in the community for church leaders. We also reminisce about a few small festivals and town nicknames.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • There has been a notable shift in how pastors and ministers connect in the community.
  • Most ministers are probably not involved sufficiently in the community.
  • You shouldn’t treat your community involvement as a siloed activity. Connect it to your ministry in the church.
  • Some of the least used facilities in the nation are church buildings. Explore partnerships with community groups to use your facilities.
  • Churches and ministers should have a presence at major community events and festivals.

The 8 guidelines for connecting in the community are:

  1. Most ministers are not involved sufficiently
  2. “Explore” your community
  3. Align your community involvement with your gifts and passions
  4. Tether your community involvement to your church ministry function
  5. Develop social relationships with those who are not already members of your church
  6. Attend significant community events
  7. Don’t isolate yourself from other ministers through your community involvement
  8. Realize opportunities for prayer

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