Is Your Church Dying?

Episode #032
November 22, 2013
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Podcast Episode #032

Churches are not as healthy as they once were. American churches, by and large, are in trouble. Only about 10% of churches are growing faster than the community in which they are located. Churches are becoming more comfortable, more complacent, more inwardly-focused and more conflict-focused. There are two large approaches to address these issues. One is a renewed emphasis on what it truly means to be a church member. The other is to move beyond focusing on just the church toward a more outward focus.
Yet I remain encouraged for the simple reason that we are beginning to ask the question “why.” Once we begin to ask that question, we can begin to discern what some of the things are that we need to do differently. Turnaround is not easy. Problems typically did not occur overnight, and they can’t be fixed overnight. But through God’s power, it is possible.
We cover all of that and more on this episode of Rainer on Leadership. Also, while we don’t mention it specifically in the podcast, Autopsy of a Deceased Church is now available for pre-order.

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