Leading Your Church without Losing Your Children

Episode #804
June 6, 2023
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You can be a good parent and a good pastor. Leading a church does not mean losing your children. Thom and Sam talk about raising preacher’s kids and some potential pitfalls to avoid when parenting as a church leader.

    • Your home is your first priority in ministry, but do not detach your home from the church.
    • Even in unhealthy churches, there can be healthy relationships with your children.
    • Be transparent about the church with your children but avoid badmouthing members.
    • Don’t pour out your church stress on your family.
    • Lead both your home and your church with an optimistic outlook.
    • Family prayer and devotions are just as important as good ministry strategy and sermons.


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What If Deconstructing Your Faith Isn’t a Phase but a Holy Process?

Here is your invitation to rethink everything you thought you knew.

In this process, you’ll . . .

    • learn why it’s important to deconstruct (and how we are wired to do it);
    • define deconstruction and deconversion—what they really mean;
    • consider WWJD (What Would Jesus Deconstruct?); and
    • apply the FUSE method to deconstruct for yourself.

Deconstruct Faith, Discover Jesus will help you to enter the mindset of a deconstructionist. A worldview with a high capacity for paradoxes. A mental space that outweighs your self-interest in being right. A tendency to see Christian beliefs as inseparable from Christian ethics.

In doing so, you will find the original deconstructionist, Jesus, right beside you.