How to Make Announcements in Worship Services

Episode #098
February 13, 2015
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Podcast Episode #098

Announcements in the church service may seem like a trivial issue. But for many churches, they carry great importance in how they are made, when they are made, and by whom they are made. So today, Jonathan and I explore this topic and how it relates to churches communicating what’s important for their congregation to know.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • In churches, redundancy of communication is important.
  • I went to a church service recently and a business meeting broke out.
  • Announcements made during a worship service are often of utmost importance and for large audiences.
  • Pastors are often pressured to make certain announcements for certain people in the church.
  • Announcements made by the pastor from the pulpit carry more weight and emphasis than others.
  • The placements, style, and vehicle for announcements is a major issue of how a church communicates.

The nine observations about announcements in worship services are:

  1. More church leaders do not think announcements should be a part of the worship services.
  2. Large churches (700 and up in average worship attendance) are highly unlikely to have announcements as a part of the worship service.
  3. Smaller churches (under 200 in average worship attendance) are very likely to include announcements as a traditional part of the worship service.
  4. Video or projected announcements have grown commensurate with the growth of projected lyrics during the worship music.
  5. With greater frequency, pastors limit making announcements unless they are a major or visional issue.
  6. More congregations limit announcements before or during the worship services to those issues that affect most or all of the congregants.
  7. Many pastors are still asked to make announcements right before worship services begin.
  8. Pastors also receive pressure from different groups and individuals to make certain their announcements are made.
  9. Most church leaders believe that the retention rate of announcements by members is low.

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