Preaching When You Don’t Feel Like It

Episode #734
February 1, 2022
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Even when you’re feeling your best, preaching is an exhausting endeavor. But sometimes you get sick. Pastors can also struggle with their emotions or mental health issues. Then there are the Sundays when you’re just grumpy. On this episode, Thom and Sam talk about how to preach even when you don’t feel like it. They share some practical tips to help you get through the message without faking it. 

1. Some long-term solutions are obvious, like getting a good night’s rest, exercising, and praying.

2. Be honest. Tell your congregation you don’t feel well physically. Mention how God’s Word is worth the struggle to be in church.

3. Use your spiritual battles to illustrate sermons but be careful not to share too much publicly. God can use your battle to bring someone else eternal victory.

4. Emphasize the part of your sermon that excites you most. When you aren’t feeling well, focus most on something you can feel.

5. Be willing to hit a single. Use your limited energy to muster through a decent message rather than striking out swinging for the fences when you’re weary.



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