Social Media and the Church

Episode #058
June 6, 2014
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Podcast Episode #058

Social media is fast becoming the preferred method of communication. It cannot be ignored. Not just by individuals, but by churches as well. So this week, I somewhat turn the tables on Jonathan and interview him on how churches can more effectively use social media and how pastors and leaders can use the platforms online out of gospel ambition instead of for personal gain. We cover a couple of posts from his blog (linked below) and the seven reasons churches need someone directing their social media.

  1. Social media is fast becoming a preferred method of communication. 
  2. Having one individual lead social media will avoid the pitfalls of mixed messages.
  3. A congregation’s social media expressions need a consistent voice. 
  4. A good social media director understands the language of the people.
  5. One person acting as social media director can help give priority to the different messages the church needs to send. 
  6. A social media director can help find the church’s  “sweet spot” in social media. 
  7. Effective social media needs ongoing attention. 

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