Special Series: What You Are Likely Missing with Family Discipleship in the Church – An Interview with Matt Markins, President and CEO of Awana

Episode #SP008
September 9, 2022
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Thom and Sam welcome on the show Matt Markins, president and CEO of AWANA. Matt is a global leader and researcher in child discipleship. On this special episode, Thom, Sam, and Matt discuss what you are likely missing with family discipleship and how you can quickly shift to train up the next generation. 

  • Quality programming is one of the best ways to assimilate families.
  • Single-parent homes are more common, and ministries often do not account for them.
  • Children’s ministry and student ministry are under-resourced in most churches.
  • Most churches do not celebrate the children’s ministry. They just ask for volunteers.




Episode Sponsor:

Thank you to our sponsor, AWANA. 

  • Entertainment, relevance, and moralism have proven insufficient to form lasting faith in our children. 
  • Jesus, the Gospel as well as recent research are clear: the most effective way to impart faith to our children is child discipleship. But how?
  • Invest in resilient discipleship this September 22 and 23 at the second annual Awana Child Discipleship Forum in Nashville or online.
  • By attending the Forum, you’ll learn how to apply new research from Barna and Awana from the largest children’s ministry research project in over two decades, Children’s Ministry in a New Reality. 
  • From this research, you’ll gain the data and analysis needed to form a new, more comprehensive vision for child discipleship—one that’s actually designed with our changing world in mind.
  • Whether you attend in Nashville or online, you’ll experience community and belonging as you connect with like-minded leaders in this critical conversation on child discipleship.