The New Rules for Staff Office Hours at Church

Episode #770
October 11, 2022
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Can a church staff work entirely from home? Should the church maintain consistent office hours where staff are at their desks? Thom and Sam discuss the new rules for staff office hours. While there is more flexibility today, office hours are not necessarily a thing of the past. 

  • We examined this issue back in 2016. Much has changed!
  • Trust is paramount. Don’t make requirements because of a lack of trust in your team.
  • Don’t make a rule for everyone to deal with individual problems.
  • Some required office hours are likely necessary for things like staff meetings.
  • Even if you work from home a lot, living in the community is more important than ever.
  • People like flexibility, but everyone also needs accountability. 
  • The more you work from home, the more your sacrifice creativity, teamwork, and community.
  • The more office hours you require, the more you might miss out on good candidates.




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