The Sting of Betrayal in the Church

Episode #732
January 18, 2022
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You will experience betrayal at some point. For those with a long tenure in ministry, you’ve likely gone through a difficult season because of betrayal. The sting of betrayal hurts. How can we manage the pain while at the same time leading others? On this episode, Thom and Sam discuss the types of betrayal and how you can respond. 

  • The goal is always reconciliation. 
  • Not every case will be reconciled.
  • Prepare to be wronged again when you try to work it out.
  • Ask yourself if what happened is truly betrayal or a misunderstanding. 
  • Don’t try to win the argument. Rather, attempt to heal the soul. 
  • Betrayal from a superior requires intervention with a group of mediators.
  • Betrayal from a subordinate requires the help of another person in authority. 
  • Betrayal from a friend should include a trusted bridge-builder.




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