Trends in Pastoral Job Searches and Succession

Episode #078
October 31, 2014
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Podcast Episode #078

William Vanderbloemen joins us this week to discuss trends in pastoral succession and hiring practices. William Vanderbloemen has been able to combine over 15 years of ministry experience as a Senior Pastor with the best practices of Executive Search to provide churches with a unique offering: a deep understanding of local church work with the very best knowledge and practices of professional executive search. William, his wife Adrienne, have seven children and live in the Houston area.

Some highlights from the episode:

  • Every pastor is an interim pastor.
  • The church is notorious for raising the flag at sunset.
  • Succession planning is not just a corporate principle. It is highly biblical as well.
  • A church is married to one man, and it’s not the pastor—it’s Jesus.
  • When churches are searching out pastors, the first rule is “slow down.”
  • Churches hire too fast and fire too slow.
  • The most expensive hire you ever make is hiring the wrong person.
  • A lot of pastors and ministers lack the basic job seeking skills and resume writing skills.
  • Churches are now spending more more on fewer staff members. They have eliminated “middle management.”
  • Carrying the weight of the things of God becomes too much for a man at a certain age.
  • Make sure your pastor has good financial planning.

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This week’s podcast is brought to you by the book NEXT, Pastoral Succession That Works. While there is no simple, one-size-fits all solution to the puzzle of planning for a seamless pastoral succession, NEXT offers church leaders and pastors a guide to asking the right questions in order to plan for the future. Through case studies, interviews, and real time research, the Vanderbloemen and Bird demystify successful pastoral succession and help readers prepare for an even brighter future for their ministries. For more info visit


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