Why Younger Generations Are Leaving the Church and How to Reengage Them: An Interview with Streetlights Ministry

Episode #755
June 28, 2022
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Pastors often ask us what they need to do to reach Millennials, Gen Z, and younger generations. On today’s episode, Thom and Sam talk to Esteban Shedd and Loren La Luz from Streetlights about the Streetlights New Testament and why it’s important to find new ways to help the younger generation connect to God’s Word and the Church.

  • What is Streetlights?
  • Why did you start this ministry and what is happening now?
  • We are seeing younger people leaving the church. Why do you feel that’s happening?
  • Tell us about your audio Bible and why you chose the New Living Translation.


Esteban Shedd, Streetlights Co-Exe. & Creative Director l Teacher l Musician

Esteban Shedd leads the various creative endeavors of Streetlights. Specifically, Esteban loves teaching creatively and mobilizing others towards Gospel ministry. As a Chicago native, he wants to see his city know and love Christ, but this vision goes beyond Chicago as he sees the opportunities internationally for Gospel mission – especially in large urban centers. He is a husband to his wife Iris and a father to 4 children.

Loren La Luz, Streetlights Co. Exe. & Finance l Communicator l Musician

Loren’s day-to-day tasks at Streetlights consist of caring for the staff, caring for the finances, building relationships with our supporters and partners, drumming, and helping on cameras here and there. His family is from Puerto Rico but he was born in Chicago. He has been married to his wife for 12 yrs and they have  6 beautiful children. 




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