How to Develop Tactical Patience in a Revitalization or Replant

Episode #060
September 27, 2018
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Tactical patience means waiting to change things when the time is right. Pastors often get in trouble when they rush into change. Today, we discuss how to grow in that patience.

Today’s Listener Question:


Can you guys share some advice on how to grow in tactical patience? Without asking you to share details from that situation, what advice do you have for others facing similar situations?

Episode Highlights:

  • “If you’re not committed to stay for at least five years in a replant or serious revitalization, then don’t go.”
  • Hiring a younger pastor doesn’t automatically mean your church will immediately draw in younger families.
  • One of the marks of a mission-minded church is that you can celebrate what God is doing in other churches.
  • Everything that happens in your church is the activity of God.

The six keys to tactical patience are:

  1. Pray for patience
  2. Keep the longer-term view in perspective
  3. Celebrate small victories more frequently
  4. Mentor others in the revitalization
  5. Stay connected with other pastors
  6. Make certain your family is okay

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