Why Some Dying Churches Don’t Know They Are Dying

Episode #053
August 9, 2018
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Dying churches often don’t realize their problem until it’s too late. Today we look at the reasons why.

Today’s Listener Question:


Why do dying churches not realize they are dying?

Episode Highlights:

  • Dying churches die because they refuse to confront reality.
  • Church members in dying churches often don’t realize the church is dying because their relational patterns have not been upset yet.
  • Church assessments give you perceptions of the members so that leaders can have a better view of the church.
  • “We aren’t as bad as that church” is not really a reason to be proud of your church.

The six reasons we discuss are:

  1. They are in denial
  2. They still have most of their friends in the church
  3. They have not done a church assessment
  4. They don’t see the decline day by day
  5. They think smaller is better
  6. They compare themselves to a church in worse condition

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