How to Encourage Other Revitalization Pastors without Bragging

Episode #116
October 24, 2019
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Today Thom and Mark answer a second round of listener-submitted questions. Answers include advice on staying humble, encouraging others, adjusting expectations, and the importance of corporate worship. This episode is helpful for any pastor trying to make Kingdom impact.

From Johnathan:
I pastor a church that is in the revitalization process. We are growing and seeing God work amongst the ministries of the church in mighty ways. Once a month I meet for breakfast with a small group of local pastors who are not all experiencing the same results as us. As a matter of fact, some of them seem downright depressed at times. It is my desire to see these other churches do well as well. My question is, how do I encourage these pastors without seeming as though I am bragging or being boisterous?

From Joe:
I’m two years into replanting a church. What do you do when members of your congregation no longer want to come to Church gatherings on Sundays.


– People don’t always want to know your story they just want to know you are there.
– Success isn’t measured by the masses but one changed life at a time.
– Ministry presence and a listening ear are the two greatest things you can offer people.
– God’s work and activity are not just numerical.
– It isn’t about a number but it is about being consistent to gather in corporate worship.
– In a culture that increasingly holds a secular world view, we need to be persistent about gathering together for corporate worship.
– If you have people involved on the front end then coming to worship will be very natural.

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